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Retirement Hobbies | Health & Wellness

5 Modern Craft Activities for Seniors

Crafts aren’t what they used to be! There are plenty of unique craft kits and classes, from punch needle art to wheel-throwing pottery, that allow you...

Retirement Hobbies | Health & Wellness

7 Senior Activities for Engagement Year-Round

Activity is a critical part of the senior lifestyle. For some, it’s a way to stay active and engaged with their peers and loved ones.

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Do You Lose IADLs Before ADLs?

There are some common activities we complete in our everyday lives. From cooking meals, bathing, managing money, and cleaning around the house, we han...

Retirement Hobbies | Exercise & Activity

What Is an Active Senior?

Boosting your mental health, staying in shape, and feeling years younger are just a few benefits of staying active as a senior.

Retirement Hobbies | Exercise & Activity

6 Activities That Help Fight Senior Loneliness

Humans thrive off social interaction. From going out to dinner to playing sports, many of us enjoy spending time with others. However, as we get older...

Retirement Hobbies | Exercise & Activity

8 Meaningful Activities for Seniors

It can sometimes feel like you're just going through the motions as a senior. From watching TV to playing bingo, these activities can eventually feel ...

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7 Tips for Medication Management & Adherence for Senior Caregivers

Many of us take multiple supplements and prescription medications. While remembering to take these can be difficult at any age, seniors often struggle...

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Why do Seniors Get Dehydrated?

Drinking water is something many of us forget to do. However, failing to get enough water can harm our health. As we get older, drinking water becomes...

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6 Vitamins & Supplements For Senior Health

For many people, it’s essential to take vitamins and supplements to ensure long-lasting health. While eating a healthy diet should always come first, ...