Catered Living

Stay independent while having security and peace of mind if needs change.

It’s easy to get lost in the various terminology for senior care and housing options, but catered living is a fresh take on a familiar concept. As people age, their needs change - some people need around-the-clock care and others might just want close access to medical assistance if necessary. Because the needs of an aging population are as diverse as the men and women themselves, not all senior care facilities will be ideal for every individual.

For those who want the security and peace of mind that being in a care setting offers while still maintaining their independence, there is catered living. These facilities offer flexible medical care and assistance while providing increased privacy, comfortable and stylish housing, and an active social community. As your needs increase, so to do the accommodations the facility can provide. It's a perfect option for safety and social freedom.

What does catered living offer?

Catered living facilities offer a number of concierge-level services, from laundry and meals to assistance with bathing, medical, and other daily living tasks. With catered living, you are free to enjoy your life with friends, hobbies, and other enriching activities without the hassle of worrying about daily maintenance like housekeeping. This is all while knowing that your medical and daily living assistance needs are met, and can be adjusted for your level of independence.

What amenities can I expect at a catered living facility?

While you will have constant access to any assistance you need with bathing, mobility, cleaning, cooking and more, there are additional amenities that catered living provides:

On-site therapy, including physical, occupational, and speech therapy

Assistance with cooking or full-on nutritional and meal-planning services

Skilled nursing, counseling, and social services

Memory care

Pharmacy access

Private units

Catered Living Communities

The beauty of catered living is the freedom you are given to enjoy your life and the safety of knowing you can get any assistance you need with any part of your daily routine. Communities at catered living facilities are lively, engaging, and full of other people who just want to enjoy their lives. Catered living completely defies the image that a care facility is quiet, medical, and boring - our residents are lively and energetic and just need some extra assistance.

If you or a loved one need some help with daily tasks, but you're worrying that a total nursing care facility is more than is needed, catered living might be right for your family's needs.

Catered Living Facilities Near Me

If you're considering a catered living facility, Vista Springs may have a facility near you. Our staff is friendly, courteous, and experts in their respective fields, from nutrition planning to nursing and pharmaceutical help. We offer a wide range of activities, housing options, and assistance at every level from basic housekeeping to hospice care.
We offer many types of therapy, including rehabilitation, speech, music, memory, occupational, and physical therapies. Catered living is a new way of looking at senior living that allows the individual to flourish and enjoy their life without the negative connotation that "nursing home" often comes with.

Contact us today or see if we have a facility near you, and set up a tour. We will be glad to show you the difference a Vista Springs catered living experience provides. You are our VIP - we want your stay with us to be comfortable, fun, safe, and reassuring, and if your needs change, we are equipped to handle it.

Find Catered Living at Vista Springs Near You

Continue to enjoy your life and hobbies with only the care services you need and peace of mind if those needs change.