Retirement Hobbies

Retirement Hobbies | Exercise & Activity

What Is an Active Senior?

Boosting your mental health, staying in shape, and feeling years younger are just a few benefits of staying active as a senior.

Retirement Hobbies | Exercise & Activity

Senior Activities for Summer in the Midwest

With temperatures warming up in the Midwest, it’s time to start planning your summer adventures!

Retirement Hobbies | Exercise & Activity

6 Activities That Help Fight Senior Loneliness

Humans thrive off social interaction. From going out to dinner to playing sports, many of us enjoy spending time with others.

Retirement Hobbies | Exercise & Activity

8 Meaningful Activities for Seniors

It can sometimes feel like you're just going through the motions as a senior. From watching TV to playing bingo, these activities can eventually feel ...

Retirement Hobbies | Exercise & Activity

6 Senior Activities in Michigan & Ohio

From hiking a spectacular trail to relaxing at a lake, Michigan and Ohio offer several incredible activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Retirement Hobbies | Health & Wellness

9 Fresh Pumpkin Recipes to Try This Season

With the ability to give you a boost of beta-carotene, improve your eyesight, boost your immunity, reduce cancer risks, improve bone health, reduce me...

Retirement Hobbies | Holiday Celebrations

5 Fall Activities in Ohio For Seniors

With the leaves changing and temperatures dropping, autumn is finally here! And that means it’s the perfect time for those fall adventures. If you liv...

Retirement Hobbies | Health & Wellness

3 Easy, Healthy Recipes for One

When living as a family, dinners at the dining room table may be a normal occurrence. While this typically involves cooking for several people, things...

Retirement Hobbies | Nutrition & Health

4 Summer-Inspired Recipes for Seniors

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to spend time outside, enjoy those BBQs, and experience nature. While the sun is shining and the temperature is ...