June 18, 2019

Senior Volunteers: 7 Ways to Get Involved in the Community


After retirement, you may find that you have a lot of extra time on your hands that you don’t know exactly what to do with. While having different hobbies and finding social activities can help fill the time, another thing to consider could be...

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September 21, 2017

Working After Retirement: Why Lots of Boomers are Starting Businesses

Baby boomers over 50 account for one of the fastest growing group of investors and entrepreneurs, with many of them tuning to technology for help. Boomers come into entrepreneurship with decades of experience, extensive networks and the capital...

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July 31, 2017

Should You Continue Working After Retirement?

Retirement today is different; maintaining self-sufficiency is important as you mature, so it's not surprising that many adults opt to go back to work in their later years. Depending on your health, financial status and the need to stay busy, you...

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July 14, 2017

Fulfilling and Fun Jobs for Retirees

Working in your golden years is more a matter of choice than necessity. As the market place evolves to accommodate different generations of employees, you now have an opportunity to spend your retirement years working at a job you love. Read on...

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April 10, 2017

Assisted Living and the Local Community

When choosing an assisted living facility for a loved one, many family members simply look inside the facility to the activities, quality of care and aesthetics of the building. And, while this is important, the surrounding community, activities,...

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August 7, 2014

How to Put Your Life to Work for the World


You spent the first 10 years on this earth with little control over what happened. Family life wasn’t the fluffy, feel-good version many kids live today. The Great Depression cast a shadow across the nation and was an ever-present threat in the...

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