Wellness Assessments


Ensuring your loved one receives the care they need while keeping their independence.

Wellness Assessments

Here at Vista Springs, the needs of our patients are always our top priority. When you or a loved one is scheduled to move into our facility, we provide a complimentary, in-depth wellness assessment. We complete these health checkups to ensure we provide the best care possible while living at Vista Springs. 

Personal Care Requirements

Before you move into our comfortable, welcoming assisted living community, we’ll provide a detailed assessment covering several aspects of your health and well-being. We complete this assessment to understand your personal needs and determine how we can accommodate them. All of these checkups are provided by an experienced and knowledgeable senior care professional.

During these assessments, we’ll determine your specific needs for the following:


Do you or a loved one have a car? Are they able to drive? Will you need transportation accommodations? While some of our patients can drive and some can’t, we’ll need to understand your transportation needs prior to moving into our facility. Vista Springs can provide some transportation opportunities, so let us know how you’ll be moving around and if you’ll need transportation services.

Daily Activities

Your life before moving to our facility may have looked a lot different. That said, we want to make the transition as smooth as possible. To help with this, we’ll need to know what activities you enjoy on a daily basis. Do you enjoy walking? Do you prefer playing chess with your friends? Whatever the case may be, let us know what you enjoy doing every day, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.


As we age, our diet becomes more important. Before moving into our facility, we’ll need to assess where your diet currently stands. As we have our own food menus here at Vista Springs, they may look a lot different than what you commonly ate at home. To ensure we find the healthy foods you enjoy, we’ll need to talk about what you eat on a daily basis. Our professionals can then work with you to find a nutritious, balanced diet to keep you healthy and feeling your best.

Quality Assisted Living at Vista Springs

As Vista Springs takes a holistic approach to your health, we do our best to find healthy, all-natural solutions to improve your well-being. During our comprehensive wellness assessments, you’ll work with a friendly, caring healthcare professional who’s always focused on you and your specific needs.


Do you use a wheelchair at home? Or how about a cane? Before you or a loved one moves into Vista Springs, let us know about your mobility. If you have trouble walking or need assistance standing up, we’re here for you. Remember that our friendly team is here to help you live a fulfilling life, so we’ll do our best to provide mobility assistance when you need it. Our comprehensive wellness assessments will determine where your mobility currently stands, helping us find the best devices and support for your personal needs.


If your loved one suffers from dementia, Alzheimer's, arthritis, or another health condition, routine housekeeping tasks may be extremely challenging. To provide assistance, Vista Springs is happy to offer personalized accommodations. Before moving in, we’ll ask about your loved one’s cleaning and housekeeping needs. This will help us determine the best senior care plan moving forward.

Mental Condition

As we age, our cognitive abilities start to weaken—it’s a fact of life. While mental decline can be a very scary reality, getting the right treatment is very important. Here at Vista Springs, we offer memory care services to help improve the mental health of our residents. But before we can provide help, we need to understand where your loved one currently stands. This is why we offer an in-depth mental condition assessment prior to moving in. After the evaluation, we’ll determine a personalized plan to help improve cognitive abilities over the long term.

Medical Needs

From mobility devices and housekeeping, we provide a variety of solutions to help you live a happy and fulfilling life. However, our personalized services don’t just end there; we’re pleased to provide accommodations for several other medical needs. During your wellness assessment, we’ll ask you various questions about your health and perform certain tests to fully understand the medical services best suited for you.

Medication Administration

Even if you’re a healthy senior, you may still be prescribed medication. In order to never miss an important dose of your medicine, we’ll need to understand what you’re currently taking. During a wellness assessment here at Vista Springs, we’ll discuss the current medications you’re on when you take them, and if there are any side effects we should know about. This assessment helps us understand the proper medication administration plan for you.

Get a Wellness Assessment When You Apply to Live at Vista Springs

A wellness assessment allows us to understand your loved one’s care needs and how they may change over time.