Health & Wellness | COVID-19

Addressing Anxiety in Seniors About Returning to Normal

As vaccination rates are rising across the country, the United States is slowly returning to normal. While this means millions of people are excited t...

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What to Expect During Your Tour of an Assisted Living Community

Here at Vista Springs, keeping you safe and healthy is our top priority. That said, if you’re looking to take a tour of one of our assisted living com...

Health & Wellness | COVID-19

How to Talk to Your Elderly Loved Ones About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Distribution of two COVID-19 vaccines is extremely exciting, and adults over 65 are some of the first in line outside of healthcare workers to receive...


What You Need to Know About Vaccine Safety for COVID-19

The first vaccines designed to protect against COVID-19 are showing promising results. You may be wondering whether the vaccine is a safe and effectiv...