Hospice Care


Compassionate high-quality end-of-life care for your loved one.

Hospice Care


You’ve probably heard the term “hospice” without feeling completely sure of what it encompasses. More than likely, you won’t need to know what it means until you are in a situation that requires it. Our mission is to offer the best place for end-of-life care. We are focused on improving the quality of life during all stages.

The goal of hospice is to keep the patient as active and alert as possible while avoiding pain or distress.

Hospice care is simply a philosophy of offering high-quality care for a patient that is nearing end-of-life by showing compassion above all. It is something that can apply to anyone at any age who is dealing with a life-limiting illness and wants to waive further treatment. It offers dignity, comfort, and choice to those facing their final months.

How Do You Know When Hospice is the Right Choice?

Hospice is not a place or even a permanent choice. When a patient (or family) and their doctors feel a condition or illness is incurable, hospice is offered to help manage the pain. This is often an emotional choice since it means all curative measures have been exhausted. Usually, hospice is considered when the prognosis is less than six months.

Hospice care includes:

Well-rounded support that focuses on comfort and emotional care

A team of professionals to adjust medications and offer any support or services needed

An affordable solution to help with end-of-life dignity and compassion

Hospice is not a permanent decision that cannot be reversed. If at any time the prognosis changes, hospice can absolutely be ended and the patient can go back onto a treatment plan.

Compassion and Dignity

Why choose hospice care?
Many patients and families wish they would have started hospice sooner. Hospice care does not mean you are giving up. It is focused on giving patients anything they need to make their remaining time more comfortable.

Patients benefit from hospice because of the available services:

  • Pain management
  • Physical therapy
  • Emotional support
  • Spiritual support

Hospice offers choices that promote the patient first and foremost. For those patients who choose hospice, it can open doors for making their final days easier.

Family Support

How can hospice help the whole family?
Hospice isn’t just for the patient, though it is very centralized on patient care. The truth is, the whole family can benefit from hospice care.

The family can utilize the grief counseling and emotional support offered through hospice care. Hospice can be offered in a facility, or you can choose to go with at-home hospice to spend more time with your loved one in the comfort of your own home.

Finding peace through hospice care
Caring for a loved one on your own can be nearly impossible. The amount of time it takes and the medical equipment needed can be overwhelming. Hospice provides the solutions to help support the family with care options that lift some of the burdens during a difficult time.

  • Remove the burden of round-the-clock care with a supportive team available 24-7
  • Choose respite care for bridging gaps to get an emotional (or physical) break
  • Choose a facility for hospice care if you don’t want to do it within your home

You may feel surprised at how you feel during the final months or weeks. It’s important to have options available so you can choose to support your own journey as well as your loved one.

If you are struggling to know if hospice is the right choice, call us now.

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