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What to Avoid When Talking to Loved Ones With Dementia

When a loved one experiences dementia, communication can be challenging. As you never want to cause negative emotions or added confusion, how you comm...

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The Stages of Dementia & Care Associated with Each Stage

If you or a loved one has recently received a dementia diagnosis, you may be feeling alone or isolated—but dementia is a condition that affects millio...

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What’s the Difference Between Memory Care and Skilled Nursing?

Have you been searching for a trusted, reliable senior care facility? If so, you’ve probably heard about skilled nursing programs and memory care serv...

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Keeping Your Brain Sharp At Any Age

June is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month! While it’s essential to keep a sharp and healthy mind at any age, it’s even more important when you're older. In ...

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Appetite Loss: More Than a Sign of Aging

Loss of appetite is considered common among seniors, but this phenomenon shouldn’t be chalked up to "just getting older." In this blog, we’ll talk abo...