Assisted Living

Vibrant communities with complete care services for seniors with disabilities

For seniors or people with disabilities, assisted living may be a great solution

Assisted living is housing that comes with assistance from trained caretaking professionals. These experts help residents with various activities of daily life, such as bathing, cleaning, and eating. Not every assisted facility is the same, but many programs also provide medical care, medication administration, and much more.

Here at Vista Springs, we’re happy to provide assisted living services in our welcoming, vibrant communities. We have facilities all across Michigan and Ohio, so reach out to us today to find a location near you.


Personalized Care

While there are many reasons to choose Vista Springs for your senior care needs, our personalized approach is one of our best qualities. No matter who moves into our assisted living  facility, we provide them with top-of-the-line care that’s based on their specific needs. As all of our residents are different, we work with them to find a personalized plan that keeps them healthy, happy, and feeling their best.

Independent Living

While Vista Springs helps with routine activities of everyday life, our residents still hold much of their independence. When people think of assisted living, they start to picture rundown nursing homes where residents are trapped in a room all day. However, assisted living communities are a whole different story.

For one, we have a resort-style community that’s welcoming, comfortable, and teeming with positivity. You won’t find anything that resembles the common nursing home at our facility. Secondly, our staff encourages you to retain your independence. We're happy to provide assistance with ADLs and medication administration—but only when you need it.

As there are several assisted living communities to choose from, Vista Springs offers a personalized approach from professionals who truly care about helping you live a happy, fulfilling life.

Activities of Daily Living

The primary purpose of an assisted living program is to provide assistance for activities of daily living, or ADLs. While these may sound like the basic activities we all do on a daily basis, seniors or those struggling with a disability may find it challenging to perform these daily tasks. For these individuals, this can lead to stress, worry, embarrassment, or even a severe injury.

Here at Vista Springs, we provide assistance for the following ADLs:





Taking out trash


Brushing teeth

Other hygiene practices

Housing Considerations

If you’re still trying to find that perfect assisted living community, be sure to consider your housing needs. As personal requirements differ from one person to the next, it’s important to think about what type of housing will work best for you.
All assisted living communities offer one or more of the following housing options:


Resort-style rooms


Home-like suites

Shared living

Here at Vista Springs, we offer a wide variety of attractive housing options. Whether you prefer living alone or with a friend, our team is here to accommodate your personal needs. View our floor plans today to find a community you’ll love!

Advantages of Community Life

While Vista Springs fully supports your independence, that doesn’t mean you should be isolated from others. Social isolation, especially for seniors, has been linked to depression, anxiety, dementia, and many other mental health problems. Our assisted living community is focused on bringing people together through fun activities for people of all ages.


Living in an assisted living community with others around the same age can be extremely beneficial. Even something as simple as playing a daily game of checkers with a friend can have a long-lasting, positive impact on your mental health. Additionally, as our resort-style community includes rooms within close proximity to others, socializing feels effortless. Whether you’re walking home or watering your beautiful garden, there’s always an opportunity to socialize and connect with fellow residents.

Activities and Events

Another amazing benefit of choosing our community is that it includes tons of exciting events and activities. These provide the perfect opportunities for meeting new people, connecting with friends, and simply having a good time.

Here is just a sample of the many activities offered here at Vista Springs:

  • Group meals
  • Fine dining
  • Happy hours
  • Discussion groups
  • Art classes
  • Gardening
  • Trail walking

Vista Springs wants to help you stay active and healthy. Whether you enjoy playing board games or taking a peaceful walk with your friends, our incredible assisted living community is here for you.

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