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Do You Lose IADLs Before ADLs?

There are some common activities we complete in our everyday lives. From cooking meals, bathing, managing money, and cleaning around the house, we han...

Care Services | All About Assisted Living

Why Is Senior Living Important?

Senior living communities help seniors live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Care Services | All About Assisted Living

What Exactly Is Senior Living?

Millions of older adults are living in senior living communities. While these communities have similarities, not all senior living facilities have the...

Caregiving Tips | Care Services

The Difference Between Respite Care & Rehabilitation

Prefer to watch than read? Follow along in the video! Respite care and rehabilitation are extremely important for the elderly, disabled, or those reco...

Care Services | Dementia & Alzheimer's

The Stages of Dementia & Care Associated with Each Stage

If you or a loved one has recently received a dementia diagnosis, you may be feeling alone or isolated—but dementia is a condition that affects millio...

Caregiving Tips | Care Services

4 Things to Know about End of Life Care

When someone is approaching the end of life, it can be an extremely emotional and difficult time for everyone. Patients may be in physical pain or suf...

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What is Hospice Care?

Many people have heard the term “hospice” without really understanding exactly what it is or what hospice care provides. Those who don’t understand th...

Mobility for Seniors | Care Services

The Importance of Rehabilitation for Seniors

Rehabilitation for seniors is essential for both short-term and long-term health. Whether your loved one suffered an injury or cardiac event, getting ...