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What to Expect During a Wellness Exam

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What to Expect During a Wellness Exam


Vista Springs is an assisted living community that’s always focused on the needs of our residents. That said, we provide comprehensive senior living wellness assessments to ensure we provide the best possible care. These assessments are given to each and every community member prior to moving into our facility.

Keep reading to learn what’s included in our wellness assessments, including what you can expect from the experience.

Health History Review

Your health history is an essential tool for providing the best treatment possible. Before you move into our facility, we’ll look over your health history, ask you questions, and ensure we understand everything about where your health currently stands. Our professional team may also ask about your previous surgeries, your exercise routine, and the medications you’re currently taking. We use all of this information to develop a personalized treatment plan that’s focused on your specific needs.

Recent Physical 

During our senior living wellness assessments, we’ll also look at the details from your last physical, as long as it occurred within the last 12 months. Prior to your appointment, our team must receive your health history and physical details from your primary care physician. After receiving this information, we’ll look it over to determine the best treatment plan moving forward. From dieting to exercise, we’ll develop a plan to keep you happy and feeling your best.

Medication List & TB Test

Aside from your physical, a wellness assessment also involves a review of the medications you’re currently taking, including results from a completed TB test. All of this information helps our team develop personalized treatment plans. As Vista Springs takes pride in our person-centric approach, we work hard to develop treatments aimed at your specific needs and goals. As all of our community members are unique, we use these wellness assessments to better understand the right treatment plan for you.

Assessing Care Needs

While it’s vital to review your medical history, medication list, and physical results, it’s also important to assess your specific care needs. Whether you need help getting dressed or you require assistance cooking meals, we learn all of this crucial information during our senior living wellness assessments.

Here are the personal care requirements we’ll discuss:


Do you need assistance driving around? If you can’t see like you used to, our team is happy to help with transportation services. During our assessments, we’ll ask you questions and perform some tests to determine if you need transportation assistance. Even if you only have trouble driving at night, our experienced team is here to help.

Daily Activities 

As we age, routine chores feel anything but routine. From doing the laundry to taking out the trash, these tasks can be especially difficult for seniors. That said, before you move into Vista Springs, we’ll determine your care requirements as it pertains to daily activities.


Do you have a hard time cooking nutritious meals? No matter your age, cooking is never easy. And if you’re trying to prepare vegetables, fruits, and other healthy food options, the process can be even more difficult. Luckily, we’re here to help with that too! The Vista Springs team includes knowledgeable nutrition experts who can find the right diet for you. Additionally, we can also assist with preparing and cooking your favorite meals. During a senior living wellness assessment, we’ll make sure to understand your diet/nutrition needs.


From walking up the stairs to taking a light jog, staying active is very important for seniors. However, old age can certainly get in the way. Before moving into Vista Springs, we’ll talk about your mobility to determine how we can better serve you. We’ll ask if you currently use any mobility aids, including if you need any assistance from our skilled team.


From vacuuming to cleaning the counters, housekeeping tasks can add up quickly. But if you have trouble moving around or using your arms, these simple chores can seem like a nightmare. During a senior living wellness assessment, we’ll ask about your needs as it pertains to housekeeping. Even if you only need assistance taking out the trash, our team is here for you!

Mental Care Needs

Unfortunately, mental decline is very common as we age. In order to find the right treatment plan for your needs, we’ll want to understand where your mental health currently stands. After our cognitive ability assessment, we’ll develop a mental care treatment plan for long-lasting results.

Medication Administration

Our assessments also include questions about administering medication. While receiving the proper medication and correct dosage is extremely important, we want to ensure your needs are being met.

Medical Needs

Do you have certain medical needs, such as the use of a medical device? If so, our team is here to help. We'll ask you about your specific medical needs to determine how we can best accommodate them.

Here at Vista Springs, we not only want to provide a comfortable home, but we also want to provide the best care possible. Contact us today to learn more about our wellness assessments.

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