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The Importance of Objects in Assisted Living Memory Care

When you wander the halls of the Vista Springs Center for Memory Care and Rediscovery, you’ll find not only the luxury accommodations our residents ha...

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Memory Care: The Specifics That Matter

When caring for patients facing different forms of dementia or memory loss, it can be tempting to look at the big picture only. Will they be safe? Wil...

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From Assisted Living to Advanced Care; The Age in Place Journey

On life’s journey, things change. As we age, health changes can affect the way we live and the amount of support we need. While the level of independe...

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9 Tips for Improving the Dementia Communication Process

Communicating with a loved one who has dementia can become a discouraging process. However, adopting a few simple communication techniques will create...

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Tips for Encouraging Participation in Memory Care Activities

Bear in mind that although aging adults may have been active when they were younger, these same activities may become frustrating, or simply too diffi...

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Vista Springs Northview Woods-Center for Memory Care & Rediscovery

At Vista Springs Northview Woods – Center for Memory Care & Rediscovery, we offer a new and innovative design to better meet the wants and needs o...