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The Healing Advantages of Color Therapy

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The Healing Advantages of Color Therapy


Color is everywhere you look, in the green of the grass and blue of the sky. A brightly lit space may lift your mood and make you more alert, where a dark room could be calming, or unsettling. With such an effect on our moods and outlooks, it’s not surprising that color and light has been turned to use in the treatment of illnesses. In this post, we take a look at color therapy and the advantages of using it in conjunction with other treatments.

Color therapy, or chromotherapy, is a healing practice that has been used since the ancient cultures of China, Egypt, and India. It takes the visible spectrum of light, which is divided into colors, and applies certain segments to different areas of the body to promote pain reduction, stress relief, and relief from symptoms of illness. It is important to note that while color therapy is beneficial in many ways, it should not be used as an alternative to traditional medical practices. It does, however, not interfere with other treatments, nor does it have harmful side-effects, which make it a great way to complement treatments prescribed by a physician or other licensed professional.

Chromotherapy is easy to practice on your own with simple tools. Practitioners of color therapy may use light boxes or lamps with color filters, brightly colored silks, or hands-on color healing such as art therapy. One clinically proven example of light boxes being used to treat illness is Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. SAD is a common problem here in Michigan, with our extended, dark winters, which mean people do not get enough sunlight during almost one-third of the year. The symptoms of SAD are similar to a mild form of depression, but most to all of them can be alleviated with daily use of a light box, which generates white light at a similar intensity to a sunny day.

It’s easy to utilize the principles of color therapy every day by playing with color in your surroundings. Our beautiful state is filled with the wonderful colors of nature, offering all the colors of the rainbow during striking seasonal changes. When searching for options for assisted living, Michigan and its bright colors offers variety and liveliness to your surroundings. Indoors, blue and green, with their cool tones and associations with nature, are very calming when used as paint for walls or as decor. Stress can cause or exacerbate physical illness, so using color to create a relaxing environment can promote healing and wellness passively. If you have problems with feeling tired, or not having enough energy for doing what you love, decorating with the warm, lively colors of red, orange, and yellow can give you a boost. The possibilities are endless! Experiment with different colors and light levels to make a space that’s customized for you.

Our Grand Rapids, MI assisted living communities of Northview and Riverside Gardens are committed to providing you or your loved one the best care available while maintaining independence. Exploring color therapy is a simple, but effective way to promote happiness and wellness in every aspect of your life.

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