Seniors & Socialization (2)

Seniors & Socialization

Why Socialization is Important for Aging Adults

As you age, it can be difficult to be as socially active as you once were. You might find yourself making excuses or giving friends a rain check on so...

Seniors & Socialization

6 Ways to Help Seniors Stay Social

There has been significantresearchon the importance of socialization to improve seniors' mental and emotional health. But what can you do when your lo...

Seniors & Socialization

Staying Connected in a Retirement Community

The importance of staying active as we grow older is well documented. Not only can frequent exercise help keep muscles strong, it can also improve bal...

Seniors & Socialization

Aging Adults and The Importance of a Rich Social Life

Think about the last time you hung out with people you enjoyed being around, that made you laugh and with whom you shared interests. How did you feel?...

Seniors & Socialization

You Haven’t Heard the Last Laugh!

When was the last time you had a good laugh? If it’s been awhile, now might be a great time to change all that. Susanna Spies is a California-based co...

Seniors & Socialization

Socializing for a Longer and Healthier Life

Whether it's graduating alongside our favorite classmates, celebrating weddings with our sorority sisters, or just enjoying a boisterous dinner party,...