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Care Services | All About Assisted Living

Addressing ADLs in Assisted Living Care

Assisted living communities help seniors live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Assisted living can be very beneficial if someone is experiencing deme...

Care Services | All About Assisted Living

What Are ADLs & How They Impact Independence

There are certain activities we all complete daily. Whether it's brushing teeth, showering, or getting dressed, we all perform these tasks without a s...

Volunteering & Work

6 Tips for Working After Retirement

Retiring can be an incredible feeling! After years of hard work, it all finally pays off.

Volunteering & Work

6 Reasons To Volunteer as a Senior

Volunteering is rewarding, fun, and good for the soul! No matter your age, there are volunteering opportunities for you.

Caregiving Tips

5 Signs it Might be Time to Find Another Caregiving Solution

Caregiving for your loved one can be a gratifying experience. You hear about their life stories, crack jokes, and grow your relationship.

Caregiving Tips

Should I Become a Caregiver for My Elderly Family Member?

Did you know that 49% of adults in the United States are caregivers for an elderly parent?

Care Services | All About Assisted Living

8 Questions To Ask When Transitioning a Loved One to Hospice Care

Moving a loved one into hospice care is a very emotional and challenging process. While this must be difficult for your family, it’s important to be t...

Care Services | All About Assisted Living

What Is Palliative Care?

If you or your loved one has serious health issues or is diagnosed with a long-term condition, palliative care may be right for you.

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Do You Lose IADLs Before ADLs?

There are some common activities we complete in our everyday lives. From cooking meals, bathing, managing money, and cleaning around the house, we han...