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What is Catered Living in Senior Long-Term Care?

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What is Catered Living in Senior Long-Term Care?


Long-term care facilities are essential for the senior community. From offering nutritious meals to administering medication, these care centers help seniors live happy and fulfilling lives. However, if you’re searching for trusted long-term care for a loved one, seeking catered living solutions is a smart decision.

Keep reading to learn more about catered living for seniors, including the many benefits to consider.

What is Catered Living?

Catered living for seniors involves long-term care facilities that address both the healthcare and lifestyle needs of a community member. This type of care is more focused on the individual, providing care that targets a senior’s specific needs.

For many seniors, the decision to move into a long-term care facility can be very challenging. After all, giving up your independence is never easy. However, catered living aims to make the transition a little easier. Rather than providing the same services to all community members, catered living caters to the specific needs of the individual. This allows residents to take advantage of the many benefits of long-term care without giving up their quality of life.

Over the years, catered living for seniors has become part of the evolution of long-term care. As seniors have a variety of healthcare needs, they require a personalized treatment plan that caters to those specific needs. However, the quality of life for these seniors is equally important. Catered living works to address those needs. Whether it’s a helping hand up the stairs or assistance when cooking meals, catered living professionals help seniors live comfortable, independent lives.

Benefits of Catered Living for Seniors

There are many advantages of catered living. While catered living professionals aim to help seniors maintain their independence, they’re also there for a variety of healthcare needs.

Take a look at even more benefits of catered living for seniors:

Spacious Rooms

One of the leading benefits of catered living involves the spacious rooms. Unlike nursing homes that have a reputation for small, cell-like living quarters, catered living is similar to a luxury apartment. These rooms are comfortable, spacious, and welcoming. And with a caring, professional staff right by your side, it’ll feel like staying at a luxurious resort.

Higher Living Standards

Many long-term care facilities feel dirty and rundown. Unfortunately, this can result in a poor quality of life for seniors. Catered living typically offers much higher living standards where residents feel comfortable and at peace. From high-quality furniture to the beautiful decor, many residents say that catered living communities feel just like home.

Member-Focused Care

While seniors want to enjoy the benefits of long-term care, many of them don’t need the in-depth healthcare services. This is where catered living may be the perfect solution. Catered living is always focused on the community member's needs, even if those needs may be minor. Long-term care facilities throw events, group gatherings, and interactive lunches, all of which can be extremely enjoyable for seniors. Catered living provides a friendly, engaging community that doesn’t strip seniors away from their independence.

On-Site Services

As seniors may love their independence, living on their own may pose several challenges. For one, receiving healthcare services typically means they have to drive to a care facility. In a catered living community, these services are all on-site! This adds tons of convenience and a high level of peace of mind. Rather than having loved ones drive seniors to receive care, now these services are seconds away.

Skilled Professionals Nearby

If you’re a senior, you just never know when your health will be in jeopardy. Even if you’re a healthy individual, an emergency can strike unexpectedly. When living independently, these situations can be life-threatening. But at a catered living facility, having skilled professionals just seconds away makes all the difference. From simple treatments to emergency care, healthcare specialists are always right by your side.

High Level of Privacy

When moving into a long-term care facility, privacy is something many seniors have to give up. However, catered living is a different story. This type of care is focused on giving residents a high level of privacy while still providing the necessary care they need. These care professionals won’t walk into your home unexpectedly or interrupt when you’re busy. Instead, catered living specialists only provide care when you need it. They work with the resident's schedule and never overstep boundaries.

More Services & Amenities

Catered living care may also include more services and amenities compared to the typical long-term care offerings. For example, these care settings may host more events or offer high-level care services. Catered living may also include physical therapy, spa services, or even concierge solutions.

Catered Living at Vista Springs

Catered living is the new and improved form of long-term care. With a focus on personal needs, these facilities are helping seniors live happy, healthier lives.

If you’re looking for a dependable catered living facility in Ohio or Michigan, contact Vista Springs today for more information.

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