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How to Make a Successful Transition to Assisted Living

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How to Make a Successful Transition to Assisted Living

If you or a senior loved one is preparing to move to an assisted living community, you might be a little overwhelmed. There are so many details to handle and decisions to make. Even if you feel confident you are making a move that best fits your needs, you may still experience anxiety.

As your family prepares for this new chapter in life, we have a few suggestions to help the transition go more smoothly.

Start Downsizing 

Whether your parent has lived in the same house for 5 years or 50 years, downsizing and preparing for a move can be overwhelming for everyone involved. However, the sooner you start downsizing the easier it will be when it’s time to make the transition.

  • Break the process into smaller tasks and plan it out week by week.
  • Figure out which items will be necessary in your parent’s new home versus what can be donated, passed down, or, if needed, placed in storage.
  • Understand the emotional toll that looking through old memories can take on your loved one and have empathy for their emotions.

Set realistic timelines for moving.

Families often underrate how much time it takes to downsize and sell a home, even one that isn’t very large. If the senior has lived there for a long time, it may be emotionally exhausting to clean out their home. Setting realistic expectations allows the entire process to be less stressful and ensures the move is made easier on all parties involved.

Make the Living Space Feel like Home.

Vista Springs Communities come in a variety of floorplans to meet your loved one’s needs and make them feel at home. We encourage Community Members to make their spaces feel like home, even mimic their previous living space if needed.

Start Getting Involved

Don’t wait until after your family member moves to support them in getting involved in their new community. In most cases, engaging in life enrichment activities and community events before moving day helps reduce anxiety. Additionally, ask your Community Managers about periodically coming by for lunch or dinner so your loved one can meet and get to know fellow residents. This can also help ease their anxiety when moving day arrives.

Understand there will be ups and downs

As with any major life change, strong emotions will arise. Your loved one may experience highs and lows during the days leading up and shortly after the move. If you’ve taken a step back from being a caregiver, you may also feel strong emotions. It’s important to expect these changes and manage them as the new chapter of your life approaches.


At Vista Springs Communities, we strive to make each Community Member’s transition as smooth as possible. We would love to welcome you and your loved one for a tour of one of our beautiful communities so that you can get to know us and experience what daily life would be like as a resident. Call us today to schedule your tour!

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