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Jan 17, 2019 3:06:51 PM | 5 Min Read

5 Myths About Assisted Living Communities

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5 Myths About Assisted Living Communities

Assisted living communities are not as well known as nursing homes or other senior living communities. One of the newer additions to long-term senior care, assisted living communities offer assistance to seniors who struggle with some aspects of everyday life, but not all. However, because of how new they are, there are a lot of misconceptions associated with assisted living communities— especially in regards to care, cost, and independence.

Assisted living offers many options and benefits to seniors who want to continue living independently, but still need a little bit of help with some of their everyday tasks. Here are a few of the top myths about assisted living, and the truths behind the stories.

Myth 1: It’s Better for Seniors to Continue Living at Home

It can be hard when your elderly family member gets to a point where they struggle with independence. No one wants to move from their home, least of all seniors. However, the truth is that sometimes seniors need some more assistance with things than they can manage themselves. While it may be hard to talk to an aged loved one about leaving home and moving into a senior living community, it may become necessary at some point.

While you may want to consider is becoming a caregiver, you also need to be realistic about the challenges that caregivers face. And sometimes caregiving isn’t feasible for families. If that is the case, then an assisted living community may be the right decision. Assisted living can help a loved one with meal planning, memory care, and mobility, without compromising on lifestyle.

Myth 2: Paying for Assisted Living All Comes out of Pocket

Paying for senior care is a big concern for families, especially when it appears that it all will come out of pocket. The truth is the costs of assisted living are very reasonable, especially when compared to at-home living and nursing home costs. Monthly rates for assisted living also include a lot of benefits of community living, like social interaction and activities for seniors.

If paying for assisted living is still a concern, consider other financial assistance or funding options that could help your family out. Making sure your loved one is in a community that will best meet their needs may seem financially impossible, but assisted living communities want to work to meet your needs.

Myth 3: Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Communities are the Same

Both nursing homes and assisted living communities are made for seniors who cannot live with total independence, but there is a big difference between the levels of care that they provide. Nursing homes are for seniors who need constant specialized care with many aspects of their life. Assisted living communities like Vista Springs offer varying levels of care for seniors who are still largely self-sufficient but need help with some areas like memory or mobility.

It may be true that nursing homes have a bad rap, what they offer is equally important as assisted living. To find out which option is the right choice, you need to determine the situation of your loved one and find a senior living community that is going to best provide your family member with what they need.

Myth 4: Assisted Living Doesn’t Offer Any Specialized Care Options

While nursing homes offer the most skilled nursing care, assisted living communities still have a continuum of care so that your loved one is getting the right attention. Assisted living communities generally work with seniors who need help with memory and mobility. Sometimes when a senior struggles with mobility and needs help getting up or into a wheelchair, an assisted living community will dedicate a nurse to help. If your loved one struggles with memory and needs help making sure they eat regular meals or take the right medications, assisted living can make meal plans and medication schedules.

If your loved one needs some assistance with everyday tasks that they can’t manage on their own or with help from family, but doesn’t need the constant care you would find in a nursing home, then consider an assisted living community like Vista Springs.

Myth 5: Assisted Living Doesn’t Offer Much Independence to Seniors

One of the biggest concerns that families have is whether a senior loved one is going to be able to live independently. Assisted living communities like Vista Springs have plenty of opportunities for the best of independent living, such as active communities, planned trips to local attractions and events, and, most importantly, other seniors so that your loved one is never alone. Assisted living allows seniors to live and do what they feel, with the benefit of the assistance that they need.

It can be scary not knowing the facts about a place where your family member might live, especially when the wrong information is being spread. But when you understand the benefits that assisted living can offer while providing for your loved one, you will see there is nothing to fear.

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