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Technology for Seniors: 10 Types of Apps You Can Benefit From

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Technology for Seniors: 10 Types of Apps You Can Benefit From


Technology can seem overwhelming to those who didn’t grow up with it, and too often seniors give up on trying to understand new advancements. While it’s true that adapting to technology doesn’t come as naturally to seniors as it does to younger generations, there are a lot of benefits of technology that you should know about. One example is apps, a downloadable application that can be used on a phone or tablet. 


1. Healthcare Apps

Seniors can use apps to access healthcare information faster. Many healthcare facilities and doctors use apps to create patient portals and upload your medical information for you to view. Doctors can also have chat lines to be available after office hours for emergency medical questions.

Some healthcare apps even allow you to fill prescriptions online, saving you a phone call or doctor’s visit when you need medications refilled on short notice. You can also use a health app to monitor symptoms of chronic conditions. 

Apps to Check Out:


2. Rideshare Apps

Ridesharing apps allow you to get a ride without needing a car yourself. These apps will share your location with a certified driver who will pick you up and take you where you need to go for a small fee. No parking needed!

These apps are great for seniors because if you don’t have a car or don’t feel comfortable driving someplace you can have a source of transportation.

Apps to Check Out:


3. Social Media Apps

Social media apps are some of the most popular among people of all ages. While you may have a Facebook account on your computer, it can be a great asset to have the app downloaded on your phone or tablet as well. Then you can easily see photos, posts, and updates from friends and family. 

Staying connected to people is an important part of senior health. Socialization is a big part of ensuring that your cognitive functions continue to operate healthily as you age. Social media apps can help you keep in contact with people, as well as sharing your own thoughts and events.

Apps to Check Out:


4. Learning Apps

As mentioned above, finding ways to help keep your brain functions healthy is an important aspect of maintaining your cognitive and memory health. In order to help, there are apps specifically made to challenge your brain and improve your mental functions. You can learn new skills, thought patterns, and languages through apps, and most can be explored for free.

Apps to Check Out:


5. Food Delivery Apps

Let’s face it: grocery shopping is a chore at any age. However, it becomes especially difficult as a senior to find the time and energy to drive to the store, find everything you need, get it up on the checkout line, carry your bags to the car, haul them all inside, and put everything away. So why not use apps to cut out some of these steps?

Grocery delivery apps like Shipt and other food delivery apps can take all the travel time out of finding the foods you need to stay energized and healthy

Apps to Check Out:


6. Reminder Apps

From simple slips to more serious reminders, it’s important to have a system in place to help us remember when something important comes up. Apps can help with sound and vibration notifications that capture our attention. Different apps have features that may be better for your memory, so play around to find one that fits your needs!

Apps to Check Out:


7. TV and Movie Apps

It’s the Golden Age of Television, and you don’t want to miss a minute! There are so many different television and movie watching opportunities, so having the ability to watch your favorite programs from anywhere is a great benefit of app technology.

Apps to Check Out:


8. Reading Apps

If watching television isn’t your go-to activity, there are still plenty of ways to find entertainment with reading apps. Whether you pay for a monthly subscription with Amazon Kindle, or want to borrow library books to read online, there’s an app for you! You can even listen to books through Audible, which reads books out loud so you can hear your favorite story while doing other tasks.

Apps to Check Out:


9. Gaming Apps

If you still want more entertainment, there are an abundance of gaming apps that you can try out. Some are puzzle based, which can help build cognitive functions, some are played against other people, and some are just great for passing time. 

No matter what type of games you like to play, there are apps available for you. These apps are so popular that they have an entire tab under your app store to search within! Take a look and see which apps are going to provide you with the most fun.


10. Music Apps

Music is one of nearly everyone’s favorite pastimes, and is especially great for seniors. As with other forms of entertainment, there are more options available now than ever before. And, with the help of music apps, you don’t need to have any equipment beyond a phone or tablet to enjoy all your favorite songs.

Apps to Check Out:

For almost anything you can think of, there is an app that can help. While technology may seem overwhelming, getting some help from a younger family member or friend to really understand tools like apps can make technology a great addition to every senior’s life!


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