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Jul 26, 2017 7:00:03 PM | 3 Min Read

Don’t be Afraid of Social Media! Tips to Help Stay Connected to Family on Facebook

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Don’t be Afraid of Social Media! Tips to Help Stay Connected to Family on Facebook

According to findings by Pew Research center, 67 percent of social media users use the various platforms to stay connected with their loved ones. Social media users under the age of 50 use different platforms to stay in touch with friends and family, and share different aspects of their lives with loves ones and the world. While social media may seem overwhelming, it offers you an opportunity to connect with your loved ones, communicate and share pictures of your lives, especially of you live far away from each other.

There are several ways you can use Facebook to stay in touch with family, such as:

Video Chats

Facebook now allows you to video chat with your loved ones at your convenience. Live chat allows you to connect with your family members even when they are on the move as it is available on mobile devices. On a lonely or difficult day, you can reach out to a family member and have a chat to lift your spirits. The best part about it is that you can include several family members who may not be together on one call and enjoy a family conversation across borders.

Facebook Groups

Depending on the size of your family, you can create a Facebook group with all family members. On the group, different people can share pictures, videos, comments or even silly updates about their lives. A private group is a good way to connect with the larger family and even have conversations specific to your family, such as planning a re-union.


While messaging may seem like a lot of work, it can help you connect with younger family members who communicate almost entirely by text. It is also a good way to share private conversations, including pictures and videos you may not want out in the public. Messaging also helps you communicate with your loved ones if you suffer from hearing loss, limiting your ability to connect through video chat.


Today you will come across many Facebook users, including your family members, who will share details of their lives that keep you entertained. For example, they may have videos of their visits to the hairdresser, showing off a new toy, hanging out with friends or enjoying a swim. You get a glimpse into aspects of their lives you may otherwise not talk about during your live calls or text chats.


Being away from your family means that you do not get to share as much as you would like; through Facebook, you can easily share links to interesting articles, your hobbies, funny videos or inspirational content with your loved ones.

Facebook allows connect with your family easily; it is a simple way for you to stay connected with the special people in your life. It also offers different ways for you to connect and opens up a whole new world of communication!

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