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Why Uber and Lyft Works for Seniors

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Why Uber and Lyft Works for Seniors

The sharing economy, which provides ride sharing technology from companies such as Lyft and Uber, is quite useful to seniors who can no longer drive or have no access to a means of transportation. While previously the focus was on millennials, the companies are now focusing more on older adults, launching several services to reduce obstacles these adults have while working with the technology.

One stereotype you will come across is that the aging population are more resistant to technology; however, the reality is that there are more members in this age group embracing technology, and taking advantage of services such as Uber and Lyft. Many seniors who cannot drive depend on their friends and family members to get around; however, this is not a sustainable option if you are looking to enjoy your flexibility. Seniors can schedule rides and get to their appointments or social engagements at their own time.

Benefits of Using the Ride-Sharing Apps Include:

  • An easy to use app you can learn to use in a short time even if you are not technologically savvy. Get a tech-savvy helper to guide you through the set up and you can start using the app immediately.
  • Ride-sharing apps offer affordable transportation regardless of your budget. The duration and distance of your ride will determine the money you pay the driver.

  • You have access to helpful features that give an estimate for your trip and allow you to split the fare when travelling with a friend.

Despite the obvious advantages, you are likely to face challenges common to seniors when using the apps. Many seniors have concerns such as legality and the credibility of drivers. Additionally, if you grew up with cell phones, you may find the apps a little difficult or confusing. Fortunately, Uber and Lyft are aware of these challenges, and are continuously working to provide solutions for their senior customers.

Some of the Solutions Include:

  • Partnerships with companies that serve seniors and that seniors trust. You can call the numbers of the partner company, where they will organize your transport and schedule a ride for you. If you need assistance getting into or out of the car, the partner company will inform the driver in advance. The partner company also helps you process your credit card details so you have an easy time making payments.
  • Partnerships with companies that offer care services to seniors who have no access to smart phones for easier transportation. The care facility has access to a dashboard where it can request, organize and pay for multiple rides at a go.

While there are legitimate concerns to using ride-sharing apps, there is a lot of investment going into making the apps more friendly and safe to seniors. Using Uber or Lyft can simplify your life, cut your transportation costs and reduce your dependency on loved ones. The good news is that the sharing economy is focusing more on seniors, providing solutions that are more relevant to the challenges the older generation may face.

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