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Indoor Activities for Seniors to Battle Winter Blues

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Indoor Activities for Seniors to Battle Winter Blues

Winter can feel like a dull time for seniors, as the gloomy skies and ice can make going outdoors dreary and hazardous. Even more importantly, the winter blues can actually hurt your health. While waiting for warmer weather to come around can seem like a thankless task, there are plenty of indoor activities to help combat the winter blues and help you keep active and happy throughout the winter months.


One of the best ways for you to enjoy yourself indoors is with games. Board games are easy to set up and play, and even easier to get people to join in on. Whether you have scheduled game nights with friends or live in a community and want to start an impromptu session, you can easily spend hours enjoying yourself with others.

If you would rather play games alone, then consider puzzles or other single-player games. You can buy jigsaw puzzles of every size and difficulty on websites like Amazon and entertain yourself while indoors. Even crossword puzzles or sudoku puzzles are good ways to keep your mind active and enjoy yourself.


Another great indoor activity is reading. Find books about your favorite subjects and lose yourself reading and learning. Another fun way to enjoy reading is to start a book club with your friends or some of your other community members. Pick from a pool of bestsellers and enjoy discussing your favorite moments.

If reading strains your eyes, consider books on tape or audiobook recordings. This way you can enjoy the same content, but have it read to you so you don’t have to hurt your eyes. Websites like Audible can get you set up to enjoy audiobooks all winter.

Learn a New Hobby

Winter is a perfect time to get into a new hobby that you have been putting off for years. Hobbies like baking, crafting, birding, and writing are all great for the winter months. A few indoor planters or a windowsill garden can get a gardening hobby off to a great start, and a few new recipes can inspire your inner chef.

A lot of hobbies are relatively inexpensive to begin, and the time you spend learning how to best approach a new interest can be just as fun as the hobby itself. Growing your pastimes is a great way to keep yourself active and fight off the winter blues.

TV and Movies

TV and movies are another avenue that you can get involved in either alone or with friends. A online streaming subscription such as Netflix or Hulu can help you get access to all kinds of movies and television shows that can entertain you through the winter. With the large selection, you can definitely find something that sparks your interest.

Organize a weekly movie or television viewing with your friends or community members to enjoy. Similar to a book club, you can watch together and then discuss your favorite moments and scenes as a group. Engaging with multiple people along with yourself is a great way to spread entertainment among others.


There are a lot of ways to keep retirement living active, but one of the ones that might make you feel the best is volunteering. Many different organizations and charitable groups are always looking for volunteers, from libraries to soup kitchens to hospitals. If you live in a senior community, try and see if you can help organize a weekly trip to a volunteer center with others.

Volunteer work can help you feel good inside and out. Getting involved in your local community while also knowing you are doing good for others is a great way to ensure that your winter days are filled with warmth and gratification.


Keeping active in winter is important for seniors, and exercise is a good way to ensure that your body gets the movement that it needs. Even simple exercise such as stretching and seated movements for flexibility can help you build good habits and keep fit when you can’t go enjoy yourself outdoors.

Some communities offer senior fitness classes that you can check out to enjoy exercise in a group setting. Local gyms and health clubs can also have classes specifically for seniors to keep active, even during the winter.

Planned Trips Out

If you live in a senior living community, then one of the best ways to enjoy yourself this winter is to see what your community has planned for trips out. Whether you just go to a local mall or to a more unique event, discovering what you can do with others in your community is a great way to get the most out of the winter months.

Winter blues can make it seem like there is nothing to do but sit around and wait for spring. But if you work to keep yourself active and entertained during the snowy weather, you can make sure that you enjoy all that winter has to offer.

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