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How to Make an Assisted Living Space Beautiful

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How to Make an Assisted Living Space Beautiful

Making the move to a community like Vista Springs is an exciting transition, but it also can be an emotional change. One of the ways you can make the transition easier is by creating a space that feels as beautiful and warm as a previous home, but within the new space. No need for an expensive interior decorator either, there are some easy and inexpensive ways to make the new space look and feel wonderful. Here are a few suggestions of how you can make a new assisted living space beautiful and functional:


Decorate with Personalized Elements

Our communities are social spaces, and our community members love to see pictures and share stories about their lives and memories. What better way to do this than by using those personal elements as décor? This could be as simple as filling a few wall collage frames with photos of grandchildren and relatives, or something more detailed like custom throw blankets or pillows that can be made out of treasured family photos.


Save Space with Unique Storage Solutions

One of the big advantages of assisted living is less space to maintain and take care of. However, that can mean being forced to get a little more creative with the storage solutions. Today, there are a number of unique storage ottomans and stackable cubes that come in fun patterns and designs that double both as a unique décor item and a convenient storage spot.


Evaluate the Layout

At Vista Springs, we have a variety of different-sized living spaces within our communities, and that can determine what type of furniture and elements will work the best. For example, if the new space is a downsize from a previous home, don’t get rid of the entire set of living room furniture, consider keeping the love seat instead of the larger couch to maximize space and create a more open feeling. Same goes for those bedroom and dining sets.


Choose Healing Colors

As we get older, our eyesight begins to change and our bodies respond differently to color. Additionally, many colors like yellows and blues are found to have healing properties, making them an appealing choice for the new home. Also, keep in mind that strong color contrasting can help improve visibility throughout the day.


Lighting: Function and Fun!

Lighting is an important element in creating functional living spaces, but they can also be a great design element. Many beautiful lighting options come with features like motion sensors that light when they detect movement. Making them a convenient and stylish option.


A new home in a Vista Springs community should make life easier, but should also represent and display personality and life’s accomplishments. Using the new living space as a place that encourages an atmosphere that is Full of Life is just one of the many steps to ensuring the transition to assisted living is a joyous one.

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