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What is your Assisted Living Facility Missing?

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What is your Assisted Living Facility Missing?

As we watch our elder family members age, there are a lot of aspects of their lives they are forced to give up. But, there are certain things, things that make their lives their own, that they shouldn’t have to sacrifice when they make the transition to an assisted living facility.  

As you, a trusted family member, start the search for an assisted living facility where your loved one will flourish, you will start to ask questions. But, make sure you’re asking the right questions. Whether you are looking for a possible community for your family member or wondering whether they have been placed in the right setting, as you search, ask yourself, what is your assisted living facility missing?

Are they Missing...

Learning Opportunities?

The opportunity to learn and grow shouldn’t cease when we hit a certain age. Learning experiences, particularly challenging and unfamiliar ones, help aging minds stay sharp and help slow the progress of declining memories. And, even for those not experiencing memory loss, the opportunity to learn, interact, and grow shouldn’t be lost just because they enter a new community or facility. The ideal facility should offer opportunities for discussion, guest speakers, book clubs, creative learning classes, the chance to learn new hobbies and activities, and more.

When we are young, there is an emphasis on being well-rounded, this shouldn’t change as we age. These opportunities also give residents the chance to interact with each other, bond, and share interests, cutting back on isolation.

State-of-the-art Memory Care?

Maintaining your memory, either during memory loss conditions such as dementia or just from natural memory loss, isn’t just a medical treatment, it’s a lifestyle. And the assisted living center you place your loved one in should nurture that lifestyle.

Memory care starts with the little things that can trigger memories and feel familiar, like old toys, hats, books or anything that can be held. From engaging social programs to diets that encourage brain health, memory care is not just about attending daily appointments, and the facility of your choice should reflect that.

A Combination of Luxury and Homeyness?

A combination of resort style luxury and homey touches can add that extra something that makes your loved one’s home away from home feel more like an actual home. Large windows and balconies offer light and a warm, open feel while personal touches like bird feeders from home and holiday decorations set a homey ambiance.

A deep, luxurious tub can offer a resort feel right in your room while a “local” cafe can help mirror a favorite spot of days past. When a facility partners luxury with comfort, your loved one will feel right at home, while receiving some extra perks.


All the comforts of home should include the ability to come and go as desired. Residents shouldn’t feel constricted to their rooms or even the grounds of their community, especially if they are still mobile enough to enjoy the surrounding area. Does your facility offer the amenities that urge residents to be independent. Whether it’s large floor plans that are easily accessible by those with mobility issues, or transportation services that access the surrounding community, the resident should determine their independence, not the facility.

Hypoallergenic Rooms?

Chances are, the facilities you are considering are not hypoallergenic given that Vista Springs Macedonia is the only assisted living facility in the world that offers PURE hypoallergenic rooms. But, if you have the opportunity to utilize this feature, you should. Allergies can affect as many as 30% of adults, and 40% of children. The new PURE solution guarantees that seniors suffering from allergies won’t become aggravated simply by switching environments. The PURE rooms are cleaned using a 7-step purification process, so you know that 99% of harmful pollutants are removed from rooms. 

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