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5 Fall Activities in Ohio For Seniors

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5 Fall Activities in Ohio For Seniors

With the leaves changing and temperatures dropping, autumn is finally here! And that means it’s the perfect time for those fall adventures. If you live in Ohio, then there are plenty of autumn activities to enjoy.

Keep reading to learn about 5 fall activities in Ohio that are ideal for adults and spending time with family.

Get Spooked at a Haunted House

The fall season isn’t the same without a trip to a haunted house. That said, if you’re looking to get spooked, then Ohio is the perfect destination. In fact, there are dozens of incredible haunted houses across the state—and some are perfect for kids, too!

From farmland to old parking lots, haunted houses are found just about anywhere in Ohio. And some of them are pretty impressive.

If you’re ready to get spooked with your friends or family, check out these top haunted house attractions in Ohio:

For fall activities in Ohio that’ll get the blood pumping, head over to a frightening haunted house today!

Test Your Skills at a Corn Maze

While haunted houses can be a scary experience, something better for the whole family may be a challenging corn maze. With plenty of farmland across Ohio, these mazes can be found all over the state.

Every single year, Ohio corn farmers shape their cornfields into some interesting designs, which makes for a difficult maze! Now’s your chance to test your skills and get the family together for some autumn fun!

Take a look at these amazing corn mazes, including their respective locations:

As the temperatures are cool and the scenery is beautiful, go out and challenge yourself at a corn maze today!

Attend a Fall Festival

Do you enjoy delicious fall food and drinks? Or how about the fresh air and good company? Whatever the case may be, you can find it all at a fall festival! Whether you’re an older adult or small child, Ohio has several fall festivals to enjoy. Here you can find food trucks, petting zoos, hayrides, and plenty of other activities.

Before the winter chill sets in, head over to a fall festival and experience some fun with the whole family. Here are the leading fall festivals to check out:

If you enjoy pumpkin pie and autumn vibes, then a fall festival is waiting for you! Grab the family and check one out today.

Enjoy an Apple Orchard

Nothing compares to a freshly grown apple. And when the fall months come around, there’s no better time to enjoy this fantastic fruit. If you’re looking to enjoy some family time while sipping on some apple cider or eating a caramel apple, then head over to an apple orchard in Ohio! Luckily, these orchards are found throughout the state.

When visiting an orchard, you can experience apple picking, including some delicious apple-flavored foods and treats. And this is also the perfect opportunity to stock up on some apples!

Here are some notable apple orchards in the area:

The smell of fresh apples means autumn has arrived! To experience this amazing season and all of its glory, head over to an apple orchard before it’s too late

Stop By a Pumpkin Patch

Out of all the fall activities in Ohio, you can’t forget about visiting a pumpkin patch. After all, October wouldn't be the same without carving a pumpkin or baking a tasty pumpkin pie. Luckily, pumpkin patches are found throughout the great state of Ohio! So now’s the time to gather the family for a day full of autumn fun!

Whether you’re searching for something small and quaint or you’re looking for a massive event, Ohio has pumpkin patches for everyone.

Here are some of the top pumpkin patches in the state:

The autumn season isn’t complete without a visit to a pumpkin patch! If there are children in your family, then this experience is a must!

As the air is crisp and the holidays are getting closer, autumn is an amazing time of the year. If you’re searching for some exciting fall activities in Ohio, you can’t go wrong with the five options above. Now go out there and experience them for yourself!

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