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5 Day Trips in Michigan for Retirees

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5 Day Trips in Michigan for Retirees

With vaccinations on the rise and temperatures warming up, now is the perfect time for a day trip! In this post, we’ll discuss some of the top destinations in Michigan for retirees to spend the day with their friends or loved ones.

Here are some of the leading Michigan day trip ideas:

Wine Tours in Traverse City

Nothing beats a good glass of wine. For those wine-lovers out there, taking a tour in Traverse City is a must! The Traverse Wine Coast is a beautiful area where you find the Old Mission and Leelanau peninsulas. Not only will you experience impeccable views of the surrounding scenery, but there are also tons of delicious wine options to enjoy. Traverse City is well-known for having tasty wines with a hint of elegance. You can either take a self-tour or join one of the year-round wine trail experiences. This is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with friends or loved ones!

Historic Sault Ste. Marie

Do you love golf, fishing, or a bit of history? Have you ever been to a shipwreck museum? If not, check out the historic Sault Ste. Marie right here in Michigan! Sault Sainte Marie is a city founded by the French way back in 1668. The city is the oldest in Michigan and the third oldest in all of the United States. Here you can experience Soop Locks, which still operates in downtown Sault Ste. Marie. This is where tons and tons of cargo pass through from all over the world! Iron ore, coal, grain, and cement are the leading commodities that travel through the area.

When venturing to Sault Ste. Marie, make a stop at the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum. Located at Whitefish Point, this history-packed building attracts over 75,000 visitors every year. Here you can learn about the history of maritime transport in the area, including interesting facts about the Whitefish Point Light Station. Also, you don’t wanna miss the Whitefish Point Light Tower!

Museums Abound in Grand Rapids

If you love museums, Grand Rapids is the place for you. This area is teeming with tons of unique history, and there’s something to learn for everyone. In the downtown area alone, you can find six different museums. The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum is one of the most popular, which features an exhibit that dives deeper into the lives of President Ford and his wife. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the museum is closed until further notice.

To get a history lesson in African culture, take a trip to the Grand Rapids African American Museum & Archives. Here you can learn some incredible stories of African American history, including what life has been like for African Americans in Grand Rapids. Opening in 2015, the museum and archives are full of amazing art galleries and exhibits. The museum is very well-known, and it actually won the ArtPrize 10th Anniversary Juried Award for best Art Venue.

Nature & History in Charlevoix

If you travel to Northern Michigan along the coast, you come to the gorgeous city of Charlevoix. Not only does this area provide fantastic scenery, but there’s also tons of history. To see some truly unique buildings, check out the Earl Young Mushroom Houses. Throughout the life of Earl Young, he built over two dozen buildings on this property while only using indigenous materials. The homes he built are mostly made of stone, which includes limestone, fieldstone, and boulders he collected throughout Northern Michigan. While there are many Michigan day trip ideas out there, seeing these homes is a must!

Want to relax on the beach with breathtaking views? If so, head on over to Michigan Beach Park. Here you can find a white sandy beach, walking trails, concessions, a basketball court, swimming area, and the historic Charlevoix Lighthouse. Want to try your hand at fishing? If so, you can fish right off the pier! To cap off a great day at the beach, make sure you stick around for the gorgeous sunset.

History & Christmas Year-Round in Frankenmuth

Want to feel the magic of Christmas the entire year? At Frankenmuth, the spirit is alive every single day. Called one of the “9 Most Christmassy Towns in America”, Frankenmuth is a Christmas-lovers paradise. If you want to do some shopping, head over to Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland. Here you can find 50,000 trims and gifts, 300 decorated trees, and around 6,000 different kinds of ornaments. For some entertainment, take a stroll down Main Street in a horse-drawn carriage. To end the night in style, head back to Bronner’s for a lighting display like no other. The store sets up a whopping 100,000 twinkling lights! Frankenmuth also has tons of rich history to enjoy, so check out the Frankenmuth Historical Museum for a unique history lesson in German heritage.

Here at Vista Springs, we believe in living life to the fullest. That said, we encourage you to get out and explore the beautiful state of Michigan. To learn more about our assisted living communities in your area, contact us today.

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