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A Guide to Dressing Aids for Seniors

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A Guide to Dressing Aids for Seniors

Dressing aids are essential devices for those with mobility issues. Whether you're elderly, have a chronic condition that affects how you move, or you're undergoing major surgery, dressing aids help keep your independence.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the different types of dressing aids for seniors, including how these important products work.

Button Hook

Whether you have arthritis or Parkinson’s disease, buttoning up your clothes can be a hassle. Due to these challenges, getting dressed and out of the house can feel like a nightmare. Luckily, button hook devices can be your lifesaver. These products typically come with a comfortable handle and small wire that wraps around your buttons. To use the device, simply insert the hook through the button loop on your shirt, slide it over the button, then pull it back through the loop. While buttoning up your shirts usually takes 5 minutes, now it can be finished within seconds!

Dressing Stick

A dressing stick is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial dressing aids for seniors. Not only are these devices lightweight and compact, but they’re also incredibly useful. Dressing sticks are typically long poles with a “C” shaped hook on one end and a push/pull hook on the other. However, there are a wide variety of dressing sticks on the market that have different features, so look for one that’s best suited for your needs. The push/pull end of the stick is used to put on your t-shirts, pull up pants, and take off your socks; while the “C” shaped hook is used for zippers and shoelaces. If you're searching for an affordable, easy-to-use dressing aid that does it all, a dressing stick is the answer.

Foot Funnel Shoe Assist

Putting on and taking off shoes can be a serious challenge for the elderly. Luckily, some devices make this difficult task much more manageable. One of which is a foot funnel shoe assist. To use this innovative product, simply place the plastic shoe assist over the back of your shoe, insert your foot, then remove the device using the attached string. This handy device doesn’t require any twisting, pulling, or applying any uncomfortable pressure. The foot funnel shoe assist makes this everyday chore a breeze!

Bra Angel

Another piece of clothing that can be difficult to put on or take off for someone with limited mobility is a women’s bra. Luckily, the advanced product, Bra Angel, is here to save the day. This incredible device fits around your neck and has a plastic holder to hold one end of the bra. The device will hold up this end while you secure the other end. This lightweight product works with all bras, and its compact design means you can easily store it and take it anywhere. Whether you have a chronic condition that affects your mobility, limited hand function, or you’re recovering from an injury, the Bra Angel could be just what you need.

Zipper Pull Tabs

If you or a loved one suffers from arthritis, using a zipper can be problematic. However, there is a cost-effective, simple way to use zippers with ease: zipper pull tabs. These tough, long-lasting products include a comfortable textured grip that anyone can use. Also, zipper pull tabs attach to any zipper, meaning they’ll work on most of your clothes! If getting dressed and undressed is a serious chore, adding zipper pull tabs can lead to drastic improvements.

Stocking Donner

Socks can be very frustrating to put on and take off. After a long day, trying to remove these can be extremely difficult, especially if they’re compression socks. To retain your independence, a stocking donner can help! This amazing device allows you to put on this clothing within seconds. To use the product, wrap the sides of the sock around the inside bars; there should be an opening for your foot. Then, grab the outside bars with both hands and insert your foot into the sock—that’s it! Rather than spending tons of time trying to put on your socks, now it can happen painlessly within seconds!


Putting on pants, shorts, and other bottoms can be another difficult activity for many people with limited mobility. The WingsPants device is here for assistance. This fantastic product features an innovative design that includes an adjustable frame that attaches to any type of bottom clothing. The other end of the device has a handle that’s used to pull up the bottoms. This simple, compact product allows you to easily pull up your clothing while never dealing with pain or discomfort.

Long Grabber

A long grabber tool is one of the most popular dressing aids out there. This innovative product allows you to get dressed within seconds, and its versatility means it has a variety of other purposes. While a long grabber tool can be used to pick up your shirts, hats, and socks, they can also be used to pick up the TV remote or grab something off a shelf. If you have mobility issues, a grabber device can be just what you need to keep your independence.


Whether you’re elderly, suffering from a chronic condition, or recovering from major surgery, dressing aids offer assistance in your everyday life. To keep your independence and limit those frustrating aches and pains, give these dressing aids a try today!

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