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Jul 21, 2014 9:30:57 AM | 2 Min Read

Exercise Your Brain

Posted By Vista Springs
Exercise Your Brain


Name one of the famous Gabor sisters. What singer left his heart in San Francisco? Who was the first director of the FBI, and became known for campaigns against public enemies and organized crime?

These three questions are just a sample of the fun our community members answered at our first-ever Senior Trivia session. They gathered as teams and discussed answers until each team was satisfied they had come up with the correct response.  At the end of the night we tallied up points to discover who had won! This is one example of the fun and enriching activities we hold at Vista Springs communities.  Socialization is a big part of keeping your senior loved one mentally and physically healthy, and who doesn't love a good game of trivia? Please check out other blogs that explain more in-depth the benefits of socialization and community. 

In the end the Mairzy Doats scored two points higher than the Dozy Doats and were awarded the coveted prize: Candy bars! Regardless of which team had more points, everyone who participated is a winner in our book.  

The truth is, however, the reward was much greater than chocolate. "Win" or "lose" each person who participated in the trivia game enjoyed the company of friends, trips down memory lane, and the opportunity to exercise their brains. And each of these factors works together to support the Full of Life experience we strive to offer everyone who calls Vista Springs Edgewood "home".  Our lifestyle that we have curated at Vista Springs in evident throughout the entire facility.  We have state-of-the-art rooms and activities that remind our community members to have fun and enjoy life, regardless of the stage of life you are in.  

What a joy it is to be in this stage of life together!

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