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7 Fun Summer Activities for Seniors

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7 Fun Summer Activities for Seniors

 The winter winds have come and gone. Spring has brought new life to the world and summer is finally here! That means a whole new array of safer activities for aging adults is beckoning.

From playing board games in the park to catching a sporting event, the sky is the limit for fun, activities for assisted living community members. 

Don't be stuck indoors during the summer months. Take the opportunity to get out and enjoy the warmer weather; it is good for the soul, mind, and body! The following seven activities will have you wishing that it was summertime all year round!

1. Head to a Sporting Event

Summer is the perfect time to watch a sporting event. It could be something as exciting as attending a grandchild's first soccer game or watching your favorite professional sporting team in action. 

2. Go Fishing

Fishing is a low-impact and safe activity for aging adults. The hours will melt away as you spend time with friends and family fishing off of the dock at your favorite lake or pond.

3. Play a Board Game at the Park!

Did you know that many cities and state parks have designated areas for board games? Some parks even have chest boards built directly into their park tables. Round up a group of your friends and head to the park for a day spent outside playing your favorite board games.

4. Become a local tourist.

Are you tired of being indoors? Do you like seeing new sights? If so, take a boat or bus tour of your city! You'll be amazed to discover your city through a new pair of eyes. The best part about this fun summer time activity is that you can enjoy it with your fellow assisted living community members, family, friends, or on your own.

5. Volunteer at the Library

The library is the perfect excursion for an aging adult. It provides the unique opportunity to read to the next generation of little scholars. Volunteering at a local library will also give you the opportunity to spend your day both inside and out, as you enjoy reading your favorite childhoodstories to an eager audience.

6. Enjoy Some Pooltime

Feeling adventurous for the day? Don your favorite swimming trunks and head to the pool. -- Spending time at the pool can be both relaxing and therapeutic. Whether you decide only to sit on the edge with your feet hanging in the water or choose to participate in low-impact water aerobics, your day at the pool will certainly leave you with a smile on your face.

7. Have a Picnic

Pack a picnic for an afternoon spent enjoying the company of your friends and family. -- Picnics are a timeless summer tradition. Aging adults will feel young again when they feel the grass between their toes and ward off any ants from the chocolate dessert. This fun summer activity is the perfect way to spend an afternoon enjoying the company of your loved ones.

Are you ready to make 2016 your best summer yet? Keep these seven fun activities in mind, call your family and friends, and prepare to enjoy the summer months like never before!

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