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Independent Living: Staying Independent in Assisted Living

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Independent Living: Staying Independent in Assisted Living

Moving to an assisted living facility doesn’t mean giving up on the important things in your life and it most certainly doesn’t mean losing your independence. An assisted living community is meant to enhance life and offer residents the chance to relax and enjoy life. But that doesn’t mean you need to give up the things you want to be doing.

Many communities, like Vista Springs, are flexible in how much assistance they offer their residents. With the option to use as much or as little as you need; use the following tips to help maintain your independence after making the move to assisted living.

Get Involved in Activities

Most facilities offer a wide range of activities both inside the facility and outside meant to engage the residents and bring the community to them. Even if you are leaving a familiar community, you can build a new one within the walls of your new home by simply participating in the activities offered by the facility. From dances and card clubs, to viewing parties and game nights, many facilities offer a full calendar to keep residents busy and engaged.

Get Involved in Activities Outside the Facility

Don’t cut yourself off from the community you love when you move to assisted living. Just because there are plenty of activities happening within the facility doesn’t mean you are limited to those. As long as it’s possible, engage in activities put on by the community surrounding the facility. Volunteer at local schools or food banks, join book clubs at local coffee shops or join a walking group. Leaving the facility on a regular basis can help you feel engaged with the community.

Maintain Your Daily Routine

Before moving to you new community, what was your daily routine? Did you take a walk before breakfast and then have coffee while reading the paper? Maintain that routine within your new community. Whether you have a coffee maker in your room or walk down to a cafe or cafeteria, continue to do the things you did before the move.

Visit Old Stomping Grounds

When you’re out in the community getting involved, make sure to stop by the places you enjoy visiting. If you’re in a new neighborhood, make plans to visit familiar places once a week or once a month. Organize transportation through your facility, ask a family member, or drive yourself if you’ve brought your car.  Don’t cut off your old life simply because you’ve started a new one.


Maintaining independence means maintaining your physical health. Avoiding injuries that mean confinement or assistance to get around will help guarantee that you can do the things you love to do. To avoid those injuries, be sure you are exercising on a regular basis. Many communities offer exercise programs to assist in this but if you feel you need more, build a routine on your own. Walk, do yoga, even get out to a gym, gather friends who want to do the same things, just get out and move.

Stay Organized

Of course many facilities will maintain a schedule for residents to keep them on top of their everyday activities, but maintaining your own can add an extra level of independence.  Keep a calendar, date book, and set up the meetings and activities that are important to you.

No matter where you choose to spend your retirement years, maintain the lifestyle you want to lead by choosing a community that fits with your life.

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