Growing Plants Indoors - A Survival Guide for Non-Gardeners


One of the ways to smooth the transition to an Assisted Living Community is to bring green, living things inside.  Some facilities invite residents to share in common gardens on the grounds, which may satisfy your green thumb. But even with outdoor gardens at your disposal, it's nice to green your world with plants.  
Choosing what to grow isn't hard. First, try to decide how competent you are in a garden.  If you couldn't grow anything at your family home before, you might expect a similar result in your apartment unless you make smart choices. 

The Way of the Desert

There are plants that have adapted to survive in the harshest desert environments…surely they can survive your neglect.  If you have a brown thumb, these plants are for you.  Cacti are virtually indestructible, requiring minimal watering, and yet they provide a beautiful splash of green in the full sun of a window sill.  
Choices include a single display cactus or a terra cotta desert filled with different varieties.  Succulents are related but less prickly, and with big beautiful leaves.  Like the cacti, they require occasional watering and a place to bask in the sunshine.

Dormitory Favorites

There are other plants that are perennial favorites in college dormitories because of their durability, size, and color.  Big splashes of green are possible when you choose the leafy  Ficus Tree.  It is a tolerant plant that can grow to the height of a room with waxy, small leaves and requires only indirect sunlight and regular watering.
Although it is a resilient plant, it does drop the occasional leaves, so if stooping isn't your thing, you might favor a  Corn plant. With leaves and shape that resemble its namesake, it is a pretty, mid-sized plant with long variegated leaves. The Chinese Evergreen is a durable favorite, lasts for years, and can tolerate any type of lighting.
And finally, the  African Violet is a hardy and beautiful flowering option that is only a little more difficult to maintain. It blooms for approximately nine months and thrives in indirect sunlight. Just go easy on the water, and enjoy the purple display!
Everything grows better with the right conditions, including people.  So when you create a home environment that is green and growing, you're creating a home that is full of life.
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