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Summer Activities for Seniors Who Want a Full of Life Summer

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Summer Activities for Seniors Who Want a Full of Life Summer

When the weather warms up, and the sun comes out, those who have been hibernating all winter start to think about getting outside again, going on walks and getting active. The winter weather may have kept you cooped up, but the sunshine means it’s time to get outside and enjoy all the summer has to offer. For those living in assisted living, this means seeking out summer activities for seniors either offered by your community or sought out on your own.

Don’t just wait for summer activities to come to you, venture out into the surrounding community by yourself or get a group together and make the most of the sunshine.

Walking Trails

There’s nothing like an early morning walk before the rest of the world is awake, or an evening stroll to watch the sunset. When the weather is warm, and there’s a breeze, simply getting out to walk a trail can be the breath of fresh air we need to feel rejuvenated. Many communities have their own trails surrounding the facility that residents can take advantage but if not, check the local community. Whether it’s a park or a river trail, walking trails are an easy and healthy way to take advantage of the warm summer months.

Beach Trips

Many of the Vista Springs communities are located less than an hour (or right in!) adorable beach communities. From quaint shops to delicious dining and, of course, the beach, these beach towns make day trips when you just need to get away. Take advantage of the prime location of many of our communities by spending the day with family exploring or just lounging on the beach.

Festivals & Music Events

Summertime is festival time. From art fairs to music to antiques, there’s never a shortage of these festivals once the weather gets warm. Go as a group or venture off to explore your own interests. Many communities have their own, unique festivals and they may even be within walking distance of your facility.  Some of our communities even host their own events, like the gala coming up in June featuring a Frank Sinatra impersonator. Warm weather makes everyone feels festive, so get out and enjoy the sounds and sights of summer.

Festive Menus

When the weather changes, so do our food preferences. We no longer crave thick soups and other warm dishes, but instead yearn for juicy fruits or light salads, grilled chicken and ice cream.  Check your community calendar for community dinners featuring the fresh recipes of the summer.

No matter what your interests, or where you're living, these summer activities for seniors will keep your summer full of life!

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