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Safe Ways to Stay Connected With Your Loved One in Assisted Living

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Safe Ways to Stay Connected With Your Loved One in Assisted Living

COVID-19 has changed the world. It's changed the way we buy groceries; the way we celebrate; the way we learn; and even the way we communicate with those we love the most.

Although the pandemic requires us to think outside the box, it's still possible to stay connected to your loved one. In fact, it's perhaps more important now than it's ever been before. Here are six tips and tricks to stay in touch with your parent, grandparent, or friend at Vista Springs.

1. Send an old-fashioned letter

Letters are still magical to the recipient! Perhaps one of the good things that has come out of COVID-19 is that we've returned to some traditional, comforting rituals like writing letters and sending them through snail mail.

Our community members light up when they receive cards and letters in the mail, and in many cases, they read them over and over again when they're bored or lonesome. Including some artwork from a child or grandchild can give them something to look at and remember you by, too!

2. Stop by during outdoor visitation

We've been loving our outdoor visitation sessions! Fresh air and social distancing protect both you and your loved one from getting sick while still giving you the opportunity to be in the same place at the same time, laughing together, catching up, and enjoying the familiarity of family.

Simply check with the crew at Vista Springs for a schedule and we'll be happy to give you all the information you need!

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3. Video chat

We have tablets and laptops available to help you live stream video with your loved one! Video chat is the best and safest option if you or your loved one is in quarantine or isolation because of COVID-19.

Family members often worry that their loved one won't know how to use the tablet or how to get connected, or that they might not be able to hear as well on the tablet as they would in person. We want to reassure you that we'll help them get connected; and sometimes communication is even easier over video because masks aren't necessary and volume can be turned up, which prevents muffling and allows for better lipreading.

4. Play an online game together

Many gaming applications now allow you to play against people you know, and websites like Arkadium allow you to play at the same time. It's as close as it gets to sitting across the table from one another and playing a game of pinochle! The team at Vista Springs would be happy to coordinate with you and help your loved one get set up and play!

5. Plan a window visit

Window visits are nice because they allow you to be close to one another, set eyes on one another, and spend time together without much coordination in advance. While most of our community members enjoy window visits, we have noticed that window visits can be confusing and cause distress for those who have dementia. We welcome you to discuss your plans for a window visit with the team at Vista Springs so we can help determine whether it's right for your loved one.

6. Read the same book

Sometimes knowing that you and somebody you love are doing the same thing at the same time can make you feel like you're home again. The same is true for your loved one at Vista Springs. We've seen families do all kinds of creative things to create a sense of familiarity and family, but some of our favorites are:

  • hosting your own book club, where you and your loved one choose a book and then read it at the same time and discuss what you've read over the phone, email, video chat, or during outdoor visitation
  • watching a favorite show together, like Lawrence Welk or the Price is Right, at the same time every week
  • attending virtual church together
  • having a cup of coffee at the same time every morning or a special snack at the same time every afternoon
  • saying a familiar prayer, like the Lord's Prayer or the Rosary, at the same time every night

If you can dream it, we can help make it a reality at Vista Springs!

However you choose to stay connected, know that we'll go the extra mile to provide the set-up, coordination, and support to make it happen. We believe that friendship and family are more important now than ever before, and our only goal is to keep you and your loved one safe without taking away the opportunity to connect and love on one another.

To learn more about Vista Springs, schedule a virtual tour today.

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