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Aug 12, 2019 12:36:00 PM | 3 Min Read

Lou Andriotti Announced as the CEO of a Lifetime

Posted By Vista Springs
Lou Andriotti Announced as the CEO of a Lifetime


At Vista Springs, we love to recognize all the members of our amazing team. However, as some members of staff noticed, there was someone who hadn’t been given a proper thanks—Vista Spring’s own CEO, Lou Andriotti. In order to show Lou some well-deserved appreciation, the Vista Springs team planned a surprise party!


Lou has been the CEO of Vista Springs for almost eight years. In those years he has helped Vista Springs grow into the large and vibrant community that it is today. With the Full of Life philosophy at the core of everything we do, and the goal of making a difference in the lives of community members, Lou has been there to guide Vista Springs along the path to success. 


In addition to being the driving force behind Vista Springs, Lou has also been a mentor and friend to all staff members at Vista Springs. More than just an executive to the Vista Springs team, Lou has helped employees to become better and grow along with Vista Springs. And, in order to show Lou how much he means to the entire team, staff came together to organize a surprise party for him on the 7th of August. 


Lou didn’t see it coming at all, and was thrilled to discover that his employees took the time to show him that they value him as much as they do. The staff named Lou the “CEO of a Lifetime”, telling him how much he means to them not only as an employer, but as a personal friend. 


Vista Springs works to provide best-in-class care services and luxury living to senior residents—none of which would be possible without the Vista Springs staff. Throughout his time as CEO, Lou has been the support and drive behind the Vista Springs vision. And, as all the staff agreed, Lou is truly deserving of the title “CEO of a Lifetime”.

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