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How to Navigate Long-Distance Care Planning

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How to Navigate Long-Distance Care Planning

Here in America, it is not uncommon to live far away from our loved ones. Unfortunately, the distance away from each other can end up creating a bit of a problem when it comes time to help out a loved one or relative, especially with care planning.

The Challenges with Distance and Care Services

The challenge of long-distance care involves more than just making sure a relative gets to the hospital or local clinic for needed appointments. It also likely includes:

  • Managing health demands
  • Becoming familiar with all of a relative’s medical contacts and history
  • Managing details for assisted living
  • Managing financial reporting and tax-related paperwork
  • Keeping insurance companies informed
  • Obtaining medical supplies
  • Regularly helping the relative informed of the above items

No surprise, the tasks can quickly develop into a full-time job, and that’s where the challenge sits the most – how to manage all these moving pieces from far away.

Carefully Selecting Providers

The necessity of contracting for help tends to be a given in many cases. While many resources may be available, those arranging for distance care must carefully evaluate who they select as a care provider. Elder abuse typically happens through loss of personal assets and finance by those providing care. The opportunity to take advantage of someone happens all too often when there's free access to a home and someone's personal information.

The Importance of Accountability

Rarely used, the second step recommended by many care providers involves an accountability system on the caretaker chosen. Unfortunately, this approach represents extra costs that many refuse to agree to when planning care. One resource who retains the ability to cut through red tape chatter and implement care quality control protections very quickly tends to be an attorney.

Stay Involved

Third, those arranging care should remember to stay involved. Quality care involves the human factor of connection, love, friendship and communication. Families who remain in touch, visit, and who keep an eye on things provide the best care and protection for a loved one. Long distance care arrangements may be challenging, but the goal frequently outweighs the work in the end.

At Vista Springs, we take great pride in delivering the best possible care to those who live further away from their loved ones. We strive to make our communities a second family to those who can't be with theirs on a regular basis. Please contact us today to find out how we can provide the highest level of care to your loved one. 

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