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6 Senior Activities for Spring Weather

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6 Senior Activities for Spring Weather


Spring is just around the corner, and for those of us located in northern climes, it can’t come soon enough. Though our homes in Michigan and northern Ohio have been teasing us with sunshine, here at Vista Springs, we’ve been making preparations for warm weather. Maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves, but we’ve prepared a list of some of our favorite senior activities for spring.

1. Enjoy Nature.

Here in the Midwest, people tend to catch cases of spring fever at the first hint of sunshine. As cold days fade into breezy ones, and the grass begins to turn green, shaking off the winter by going on nature walks is a great way to enjoy spring. Make going outdoors a habit for the truly amazing experience of watching the greenery come to life as the season progresses.

2. Do Some Spring Cleaning.

Cleaning isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, but there’s something uniquely satisfying about airing out your rooms in spring. Do some dusting, change the linens, and give yourself a fresh start once winter is through.

3. Bring out the Spring Recipes.

Springtime is associated with flowers, but there are plenty of foods that evoke the season. March through May bring asparagus spears, artichokes, fennel, watercress, and radishes, and fresh picked veggies are great for the body and spirit. And, of course, Easter celebrations bring brightly colored eggs and brunches made for sharing with family and friends. What are your spring recipes?

4. Take a Day Trip.

Take advantage of the so-called “shoulder season,” between on- and off-peak seasons for popular vacation destinations, by taking a short trip to a nearby city or attraction. You get the advantages of warmer weather without the crowds and high prices. Visit lakes, mountains, big cities, museums, shopping destinations -- whatever tickles your fancy.

5. Visit a Nursery.

When trees begin to bud, it’s a great time to visit a local nursery. Try out your green thumb by choosing some spring perennials for an outdoor garden, start an herb garden in your kitchen for fresh herbs year-round, or choose some potted plants to brighten up your interiors. You’ll be amazed at the fresh, lively atmosphere inherent to nurseries that you can bring home with you.

6. Start Bird Watching.

Everyone knows to keep an eye out for the first robin of spring, and the sound of birdsong in the morning is one of the truest heralds of warmer weather. Invest in a bird feeder and bird seed for easy bird watching, or make your own for a fun creative activity. Learning what types of songbirds are local to your area can help you learn more about the ecosystem as a whole, and watching for rare species brings excitement to each quiet moment.

Are you as excited for spring weather as we are? These fun senior activities will help you get the most out of the season. Whether you enjoy getting outdoors or enjoying a lighter, brighter atmosphere inside, there’s something about spring that brings out a passion for life that deserves to be celebrated.

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