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May 9, 2017 10:03:18 AM | 4 Min Read

Luxury Retirement Living Means Staying Young at Heart

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Luxury Retirement Living Means Staying Young at Heart

Baby Boomers may be reaching retirement age, but, given that people are living longer and longer, they may be ready to retire, but they are nowhere near ready to settle down. As they look forward to years without children or work, they may be looking for ways to become more active and engaged in the community. While many may see moving into a luxury retirement community as a step back, it could be the best move toward the life they are envisioning.

Moving to these communities might mean giving up things like weeding, lawn mowing, and home repairs but it doesn’t mean giving up independence or an exciting lifestyle. In fact, the activities offered in many communities are anything but the sewing clubs and Bingo games that many picture. 

The activities offered at Vista Springs Quail Highlands for example, are designed to promote full of life experiences and promote a passion for extraordinary living.

If you’re looking for a community that will nourish your passion for living, look for luxury communities that promote activities like the ones below.

Advisory Boards

To encourage participation in the community and to ensure residents have a say in the types of activities and events being offered, some communities offer the opportunity to be a part of advisory boards and planning sessions. Some even offer incentives and perks throughout the local community for those who want to join. By being an active member of your community, you can help make it your own, design the activities you want to participate in and create the lifestyle you want to lead.

Continued Education

To continue to grow and learn, look beyond the occasional book club. Turn to a community that partners with local universities to bring continued education to you. Whether it’s art classes in an onsite art gallery or Tai Chi and Yoga to promote physical and spiritual health, adult education goes beyond a cooking class here and there. Partnerships with local organizations can offer a truly immersive and educational experience for those who are always looking to expand their horizons.

Exploring the Arts

If you’re part of a community that’s close to a bustling and vibrant city like Cleveland, taking advantage of all that city has to offer is a must. When you choose your community, no matter where you’re located, look for communities that take frequent trips into the local cities and communities to take advantage of the local art scene. Trips to museums, discounts on tickets, and tickets available on demand are some ways your community could be promoting the local arts scene. Or maybe your community offers its own art scene with an in-house theater and art gallery and can bring local artists in. Staying creative can help you lead an enriched life. There doesn’t need to be a line between the community you live in and those creating out in the community.  

Fitness Programs

A robust fitness program is more than daily walks or an occasional Yoga class. If your facility doesn’t have an onsite gym, it’s still possible to participate in fitness programs locally through partnerships. Local country clubs can offer pools, and frequent rounds of golf are a great way to keep moving and stay in shape. Explore the surrounding community before settling on a place and find out if there are partnerships in place that will keep you moving.

The community you choose shouldn’t simply be a place to live. The activities, partnerships, amenities and activities they offer should be lifestyle building.

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