Happy Father’s Day



This weekend, our country will rally a collective show of appreciation for the serious work of being a father. Hats off to you! Your role as a father meant decades of hard work to put food on the table, and keep everybody happy. It meant setting the course that your family would sail – and recalculating with every unexpected change. It meant a balancing act as you compared your upbringing to that of your kids. And it meant finding the right answer to what really should happen “when your father gets home!”

Have you ever heard how Father’s Day got started? In 1909, Sonora Smart Dodd was in the early years of raising a family of her own. She was struck by the realization of what her father had faced as he had raised her and five siblings alone after their mother died in childbirth. Sonora set about recognizing his commitment and the word spread. On a June Sunday that year, churches around the Washington state community responded with sermons honoring fathers.

Today is your day! And whether your family is near or far, it doesn’t change the fact that you accomplished the greatest work a man can achieve: a family legacy that drives the next generation of humanity. Thanks, Dad!

Vista Springs

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