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How Technology Is Enhancing Senior Living

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When we think of tech-savvy individuals, seniors are not usually the first group that comes to mind. However, as technology advances, seniors are now finding different ways to utilize it to enhance their quality of life. Here are several technology resources seniors today are taking advantage of and leading more fulfilling lives. 

Educational Tools

There are a limitless amount of resources available today to help those who are eager to engage in life-long learning. Through an Internet connection and accessibility to tools like Netflix and YouTube, the possibilities of learning about virtually any topic are practically endless.  If you find something that really interests you, there are even communities and groups online that you can join to discuss your knowledge and learn from another life-long student.  


Even after retirement, technology empowers older adults with the ability to continue to work within the comforts of their home. From selling craft projects on Websites like Etsy, to taking on remote consulting jobs, many older adults are finding ways to make a little extra money later in life simply through access to technology.


TeleHealth is the process of delivering health services and information through technology. This includes things like patient monitoring systems where patients can literally enter symptoms into a computer for more information as well as chat with a health care professional if needed.  Many practices are implementing this technology to serve their patients better and more efficiently.  

At the rate that technology is changing, it is critical that we work to engage in technology no matter what our age. At Vista Springs we encourage our community members to use technology to help them learn, grow and enhance their quality of life.

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