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Apr 19, 2016 6:00:27 AM | 3 Min Read

Enjoying an Enriching Life in an Assisted Living Community

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Enjoying an Enriching Life in an Assisted Living Community

 An assisted living community like Vista Springs works diligently to accommodate different tastes with different activities in order to provide a wealth of enrichment to people's lives. This focus ensures that aging adults can enjoy themselves and continue to grow, learn, and stay active.

What Does the Day-to-Day Look Like?

Forming meaningful relationships and participating in fulfilling activities wards off depression and disease. It also helps the brain stay sharp and keeps people connected to the present and their past. That's why assisted living communities put such focus on activities that foster these abilities. These activities provide a day-to-day structure with a variety of options and levels of activity.

What Types of Activities are Available?

At most assisted living communities there's a lot of concentration on getting people active, as exercise does wonders for mood and mobility. Groups like tai chi, yoga, walking clubs and light aerobics classes are popular activities, but availability depends on the specific community you choose.

Activities like yoga can help calm and center people while walking can help with reconnecting with nature and your surroundings. You can even utilize fitness technology like Fitbit or Nintendo Wii, which can encourage activity and make it more fun at the same time.

Many assisted living communities offer computer or technology classes. Stretching the brain to learn new things gives people a way to overcome challenges and achieve small goals in order to increase feelings of happiness. Workshops where aging adults can chronicle their life through memoirs or scrapbooking, are another popular activity. Even if it's just meant for their own personal use, having something physical to leave behind for loved ones or children can be a tremendous accomplishment.

There are also inter-generational programs where community members can meet and connect with younger people through schools or organizations. Sometimes it just takes one relationship to open up a mind to a wealth of information. The more opportunity an adult has to get out and experience new things; the more likely they are to find what makes them happy in their changing world.

How Should I Decide?

Transitioning to assisted living is not an easy choice to make. Choosing a community that not only understands the importance of physical care but also emotional care is the first step to making the best decision. Additionally, having events and activities to look forward to can make a drastic difference in making the assisted living transition an easier process. Look for a community like one of the Vista Springs locations that focus on custom and personalized plans that encourage happiness and overall wellness.

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