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Best Smartphone Apps for Seniors in 2021

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Best Smartphone Apps for Seniors in 2021

Everyone has a smartphone these days. While you may think they’re only used by teens and adults, the senior community also enjoys using these devices. As smartphones have evolved over the years, there are now tons of incredible apps for seniors. These apps can engage their brains, keep them feeling young, and even help them stay in touch with loved ones. 

Keep reading to learn about some of the leading smartphone apps for seniors in 2021:


Skype is the perfect tool for staying connected with friends and family. Available on both Apple and Android products, this application makes audio and video calling a breeze. You can call landlines, have crystal-clear video calls, and communicate with family in just seconds. The platform is also very easy to use, and there are tons of unique features and add-ons to try out.

Pill Monitor

As a senior, your health should be a top priority. While you make sure to exercise and eat a healthy diet, taking prescriptions at the right time is also essential. This is where the app Pill Monitor can help. This innovative app allows you to schedule when to take medications. You can choose the dates, days, and exact time when your medications should be taken. Additionally, you can even send your doctor a medication log to ensure you’re on the right track. This application is free for iOS users.


After a doctor’s visit, how much of the information did you actually retain? And that’s not only due to old age—even young people have trouble remembering these experiences. However, as your doctor reports on your health, including how to improve it, hearing what they say is vital. This is where Abridge can offer some assistance.

Abridge is a unique app that allows you to record conversations during a doctor’s visit. It then scans through the dialogue and highlights any key areas of the conversation. For example, if the doctor talks about your diet, the platform will search for related medical terms and highlight those specific mentions in the conversation.

Abridge will also make a transcript of the visit, giving you the opportunity to review it whenever you want. It even provides definitions to those tricky medical terms. These documents can then be given to caregivers, resulting in better care and a healthier you!


Are you looking to strengthen your cognitive abilities? If you want to give your brain a boost, Lumosity is an app that can help. Although it can be used by all ages, Lumosity is especially beneficial for seniors. It can improve your memory, help you think more clearly, and the exercises are actually pretty fun. And the exercises aren’t approved by just anyone—all of the tasks are validated by scientific experts.

Another reason why Lumosity is effective is that it’s very user-friendly. Every single day, the user simply logs into the app and receives the daily exercise to complete. After each session, the platform adapts to the user’s preferences and cognitive abilities, developing custom-tailored exercises moving forward. Luminosity is free to download in the Android or iPhone app store.

Magnifying Glass With Flashlight

Another one of the top smartphone apps for seniors is the Magnifying Glass With Flashlight app. As we age, things become much harder to see. This is especially true when reading small print or trying to look at an image. While glasses can work in your day-to-day life, sometimes you need a little extra assistance.

The Magnifying Glass With Flashlight app, which is free for both Android and iPhone users, allows you to zoom in on anything for a better look. It also comes equipped with an adjustable flashlight, which allows you to make lighting adjustments to enhance visibility. This will help boost clarity and brightness in any environment, making this smartphone app ideal for those hard-to-see situations!

WebMD Symptom Checker App

As a senior, you may have several health symptoms pop up at any moment. On many occasions, without seeing a doctor, you may have no idea what’s going on. While a quick internet search can help, that can be time-consuming and confusing. That said, downloading the WebMD Symptom Checker App may be the perfect solution.

This innovative application allows seniors to search for their symptoms to determine where the health problem lies. The platform will scan through a database to find what might be ailing the user. Another huge plus is the doctor directory feature, which allows users to browse through physicians in their local area. While it doesn’t replace an in-person doctor, this WebMD app can be extremely valuable when it comes to your health.

With 12 locations throughout Michigan and Ohio, Vista Springs is an assisting living community that’s full of life. From our healthcare professionals to our comfortable senior care centers, we’re here to create positive experiences for our senior residents. Contact Vista Springs today to learn more!

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