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5 Misconceptions about Assisted Living

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5 Misconceptions about Assisted Living

When it’s time to start looking at alternative living options for your aging loved one, you’ll know it’s time using these indicators, chances are, they might be a little hesitant. Moving out of their home is a big change, and there are a lot of things they may think they will be giving up. They’ll have a lot of reasons why staying right where they are is the best option. But, many of the reasons people give for avoiding assisted living facilities are actually misconceptions.

Here are a few common misconceptions about life in an assisted living facility.

Loss of Independence

Many feel that when they enter into an assisted living facility, they will be giving up a lot, most importantly their independence. But, many facilities are designed to offer their residents the same amount, and sometimes more, independence, than they had a home. Small details make the difference here, like their own mailboxes, the option to have their car or utilize public transportation, and the ability to bring their own furniture and even cook for themselves if they want to.

More Expensive Than Home

Another common argument refers to the cost of an assisted living facility. And while the cost will vary depending the type and amount of care needed, in many cases choosing assisted living over staying home can save money. If an aging loved one lives alone but can’t complete many household tasks such as cleaning or yard work, they may be paying someone else to do it for them.

And, if they are slowly finding themselves uneasy and are afraid of falling, they may need railings or special tubs installed throughout their home. Adding these features, combined with medical bills or in home care if a fall or injury occurs around the house, costs can begin to add up. An assisted living facility has the features your loved one needs already built in and extra care in included in the price of the facility.

Life is Over

Many see assisted living as a “final stop” and imagine all the things they will be losing, including the things that make their lives fulfilling including friends, visits, and activities. But at facilities like Vista Springs, they strive to provide a community that is “Full of Life.” Their daily activities focus on rediscovery, reconnection, and renewal and aim to target areas such as social wellness, vibrant living, and optimism.

In many ways, given the level of care and features meant to enhance life, residents find they can do more within the facility than they ever could while living at home. In a close, active community, everything they need to live a fulfilling, active life is right at their fingertips.

You Lose the “Homey” Feel

Many see assisted living facilities as sterile environments full of sick people, medicines, bland food and cheesy hospital decor. But many facilities, like Vista Springs, are far from that description. In certain locations, the halls and rooms are designed to mimic the feel of a neighborhood street, with street signs and rooms with framed, picture windows lining the hallways. Fireplaces and pianos offer a soft, calming ambiance and sunrooms and cozy nooks provide places to find peace. Resident's rooms can be customized with their own flair and nurses stations are situated off the beaten path, out of the way of foot traffic.

You Should Wait to Move Until “Something Happens”

“But I’m fine," your loved one insists, and that may be true. Many think it’s best to wait and move until something happens but, when one fall can lead to more and costly medical bills can start to add up, why wait? Why not move into a safer environment in order to prevent something from happening.

These are just a small spattering of the misconceptions people carry about moving to an assisted living facility. The bottom line is assisted living facilities have come a long way, and there’s no reason that leaving home has to mean giving up a home. Downlaod Now

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