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5 Interesting Facts About Life in Assisted Living

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5 Interesting Facts About Life in Assisted Living

Assisted living communities have become an attractive option for older adults who are seeking some extra assistance but don’t want or need to lose their complete independence. Communities like Vista Springs offer the care that’s needed while still providing a safe environment that fosters flexibility, comfort, and fun. Because so many older adults are making this move to assisted living, studies are showing that the world of aging adults is shifting significantly. Some examples of this include:


1. Assisted Living is a More Cost-Effective Option

In a 2015 Genworth Financial survey, it revealed the median cost for a single person to live in a private room in assisted living in the US was $23,200 whereas the cost for a private room at a nursing home was $91,250.


2. Less Older Americans Live Alone

The Pew Research Center reports that since 1990, the amount of older Americans who are living alone dropped from 29% to 26%. This is partially due to the attractive option of living with a spouse in assisted living communities.


3. Nursing Homes Aren’t Always the Best Option

When loved ones begin researching options for an aging family member, often times they assume a nursing home will be the end result. However, many times that isn’t what ends up taking place. In one recent study, 59 out of 100 people studied who were investigating nursing homes ended up determining that assisted living was a better option. (An assessment by a care professional can help you to identify what level of care is needed and if assisted living is the best choice.)


4. Memory Care is Possible with Assisted Living

A diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer's can be difficult, and many might assume that finding quality care outside of a treatment center or nursing home might be challenging. But in reality, communities like Vista Springs offer advanced memory care programs that help to decrease agitation, wandering and other unfortunate side effects. As conditions advance, exclusive memory care areas help provide safe and comfortable accommodations.


5. Assisted Living is the Future of Senior Care

Communities like Vista Springs first became available in the 1980’s, and since then they have grown substantially. The National Investment Center reports there are now over 6,300 assisted living communities in the United States with about 500,000 occupied apartments.


Do any of these facts surprise you? If so, and you think a community like Vista Springs may be just the solution you need for your loved one, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’d love to show you around one of our amazing communities and share more interesting facts about how a life at Vista Springs can transform and improve the life of your aging loved one.

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