5 Tips for Brightening Up a Small Space


Moving into a senior living community can be an exciting but difficult time. We are leaving one stage of our life behind for another. The move brings in a new sense of freedom, one without home maintenance repairs or worries. However, transitioning into a smaller space can be unsettling. Smaller areas often feel uninviting, cramped and dreary. Luckily there are many ways to brighten up your new home. We have collected the following 5 small-space decorating tips to help brighten up your new space.

Fresh Splash of Paint

A fresh splash of paint is a great way to brighten up a room. Based on the natural lighting available there are a few colors to pick from.

White walls and ceilings are a wonderful way to brighten up a cramped room. Because white is a non-hue, it does not absorb any color. Instead white bounces light onto other surfaces. White walls are the perfect pick for a room of any size to allow natural light in. Additionally, lavender is a great color for smaller spaces. Lavender has a warm base, which allows warm light to bounce off surfaces. Lavender also comes in a wide range of shades to suit everyone's taste.

When a room does not have access to natural light, it can appear dreary. Luckily, there are many colors to help brighten cramped spaces. Painting a room yellow is a great way to recreate the feeling of natural light. Yellow offers a warm base for lights to bounce off of. In turn, making a space feel warm and cozy. Additionally, playing with blue based hues such as blue or pink can reflect a lot of white.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to bounce natural and artificial light around the room, making it appear brighter throughout the day. Placing mirrors on your walls and tabletops will make a room appear larger and more open. Additionally, placing a mirror near a window is a great way to allow more natural light inside. Mirrors also make a room look more dimensional, opening up the space.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

When available, natural light is a great way to open up a room. Taking advantage of sunlight can not only help regulate our mood, it can also flood warm light into a room. In turn, making it cozy and appear larger. You can use sheer window coverings or pull them back to allow more light in. If you do not like the view, you can place plants or flowers near the windows.

If you do not have access to natural light, a similar effect can be achieved with lighting fixtures. Placing lights in corners and focal points of the room can allow light to bounce around. Additionally, there are various light bulb types we can play with to change the quality and tone of light.

Cut The Clutter

Nothing makes a small space feel cramped like having too much stuff. Having a neat and organized space can make floor space appear larger. There are many ways to make a room appear neat. For example too many things on the wall can make a room feel crowded. It is best to have one large painting over a group of small paintings. Playing with empty wall space can balance a room, making it appear larger. 

Play With Focal Points

Playing with focal points is a great way to trick our eyes into thinking a space is bigger than it is. Rooms without focal points can appear disjointed and awkward. A focal point is the first thing you see when entering a room. This can be a dining room table, a couch, or a painting. Using mirrors centered at the focal point is a great way to give a room dimension. Additionally, arranging furniture around the focal point can give a room a natural flow.


Whatever the size of the room, there are so many ways to play with it. Different tricks and accents can spice up a space and bring new life into a room. Decorating is fun and a great way to express your creativity. Smaller spaces do not have to feel cramped. With a few simple steps, your new space can feel like an inviting home.

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