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When is it Time for Assisted Living?

Posted By Vista Springs
When is it Time for Assisted Living?

A caregiver may be too old themselves to provide the proper care for another aging adult, or be so burnt-out that they are unable to properly provide what is necessary. Sometimes they may just need some time off, a respite, to become revitalized and then continue to provide care. 

Sometimes caregivers or responsible relatives won't take action even when they know they should because their loved one is desperate and determined to remain in their current environment. They don't want to accept that it's time for a change--time to go into an assisted living environment.

Although it may be difficult, a hard choice, it is a legal and moral responsibility to see that the needed change takes place, to maintain the well-being and safety of the aging adult.

What are some of the signs that indicate the time has come?

  • If your loved one is showing signs of dementia
  • If they cannot handle an emergency
  • They are becoming negligent in personal hygiene
  • They need help taking their medicine
  • If they have trouble dialing phone numbers
  • They are not able to properly prepare their food
  • They can no longer successfully adjust the thermostat to get the right temperature

What are some of the questions you should ask? What would happen if there was a fire? What if they fell down and couldn't get up or reach a phone or were knocked unconscious? What if they took too much medicine or not enough or the wrong medicine?

It could be dangerous to wait, telling yourself that when something happens, then you'll consider taking action.

Your loved one could also just gradually be losing the zest for life--no longer watching their favorite TV shows, not reading as much as they used to, or no longer reading at all, and becoming more and more dependent on someone else to do the simplest of tasks. If this is the case, they could benefit from the environment of an assisted living community with staff that will work to help them remain engaged in purposeful and stimulating activity.

When you know that it's time, call Vista Springs to get a new home that will provide the right care and support for your loved one in a caring community. Vista Springs provides an assisted living community with not only beautiful accommodations but also with the ever-present goal of supporting the mind, soul and body of aging adults in residence. Their mission is to provide a full delivery of life experiences. Their vision is to give their residents lives that are healthier and happier. They value providing the best and highest standard of care.

Visit the website at www.vistaspringsliving.com to learn more and get specific numbers for their numerous locations.

Sometimes it's difficult to determine when it's time for aging adults to go into assisted living. It's crucial to be aware when it's not only inappropriate but actually dangerous for a senior loved one to live alone, or even to continue living with a caregiver who may no longer be able to properly care for an aging adult.

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