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Jul 13, 2016 9:30:00 AM | 3 Min Read

Looking for Some Excitement? Head Out on a Daytrip!

Posted By Vista Springs
Looking for Some Excitement? Head Out on a Daytrip!

Getting away tends to be an excellent idea for aging adults who are looking for an opportunity to get out and explore a new environment for the day while returning to the comfort of their own bed that same night. Day trips also provide an excellent way to get away from the norm, and experience something new.


A fun way to get out and explore may be a day trip out to an area mall. Or better yet, taking a trip to a new shopping area you've never experienced before to explore some unique and new shops and locations. Shopping can be a great activity to see the latest styles and trends while remaining active at the same time. Remember though, always set a budget before you go!


Winery Trips

An organized trip to a nearby winery may be just the thing for a day or weekend outing. Depending on location, there are tons of wineries within driving distance, and many provide a variety of wines to try versus just one. Further, many of these places tend to have restaurants and great cafes with home-grown foods and delicacies matched to the local wines. So these trips frequently produce big wins, especially for those who like to eat. Remember though, make sure you have a responsible driver!


Hikes and Rivers

Something about water and trails often reminds people of childhood memories or camping experiences. Fortunately with a day trip, one avoids all the hassle of the tent and campsite construction, cleaning and the breakdown all over again. Additionally, walking or hiking along a river has the added benefit of being able to cool down if the day is a hot one, either for a swim or just a handkerchief soaking.


Spa Time

Health spas always offer an excellent way to relax. Whether it involves the full works with a mud bath or just a simple face massage, sweet drink and a lounge chair, sometimes letting down from life’s stress for the day works the best. Even better, it offers a bit of time just to forget about the outside world and focus a bit on “me” time.


Go for Drive Somewhere New

Most of us have pretty good idea of where we live, drive, commute to work, hang out, buy our food and watch the sunset. However, that doesn’t mean we know the local area completely. Sometimes a crazy, out of the way drive to a part of town or the region one has never been to can be one of the best day trips to take. Just going somewhere new often produces excitement and interest, as well as a chance to find some new places to go back on a regular basis.


Be a Fake Tourist

Everyone’s town contains something that draws tourists. Ironically, those who live in the same city rarely go to such places. So break the social rule and be a fake tourist for a day. Go to the local museums, parks, festival events or even the town historical sites and city hall. You might be amazed about how much local history sits buried in these locations that most people don’t know a lot about. And a fake tourist tour provides you a great way to scout out your home for when a friend or relative visits and wants to see the local sights as well.

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