Mission and Values

We want to make a difference in the care industry, creating communities that allow members to enjoy the highest standard of living and care in a unique environment that is full of life. We want to be recognized for being the best-in-class provider of housing, care and health services.

Why Vista Springs?

Our greatest asset is our capacity for serving others and energizing our communities. We provide a vibrant living environment that's more than just a nursing home. Vista Springs communities energize the soul, nourish the body, and provide purposeful and stimulating activities to renew and stimulate the mind.

We take great pride in having the knowledge needed to assist our community members in accomplishing their hopes and dreams. We do this with respectful, thoughtful, unobtrusive assistance when needed, and within an engaging and enriching social environment. 

Arts in the Community

Vista Springs created a dedicated fund, Arts in Community to provide high-quality arts and cultural offerings to more of our community members. It ensures that more community members can participate, including our members with limited financial resources. The “Full of Life” experience should be shared in a community, and this is one of the great ways to bring community members together, sharing in the arts.

Every dollar contributed to Arts in Community is distributed for the benefit of Vista Springs community members to participate together in the arts. The fund pays for transportation to and from events, staffing and service support at events, as well as admissions to programs. It directly benefits each member of Vista Springs, and indirectly benefits you by ensuring that your loved one is sharing in high-quality, life enriching experiences with the arts.

If you appreciate how the arts can enrich the lives of both your loved one and other seniors in our community please partner with us as we broaden our involvement in the arts.