What happens if my loved one's condition changes and they need more care than when they were admitted?

A continuum of care allows your loved one to age in place and receive higher levels of care at their assisted living community, so long as it is in the capabilities of that facility.

One of the benefits of assisted living is the ability to age in place. Many assisted living facilities offer a continuum of care—that is, they have a variety of care services to meet the changing needs of their residents as they age. If your loved one’s condition changes while they are in assisted living, they can continue to stay in their assisted living community as long as their care needs are within the capability of their community.

In many cases, your loved one's care team will inform you if they feel your loved one's condition requires an increased level of care. If you notice that your loved one may need more help, don't hesitate to bring up your concerns with us. Your loved one can be reassessed for additional care needs.

If your loved one’s needs exceed what their current assisted living facility can provide, they may need to move to a facility that offers more comprehensive care, such as a skilled nursing facility or an assisted living community with specialized memory care services.