How do I get my loved one admitted into an assisted living facility?

Choose a community that suits your loved one's current and potential needs, have their physician complete a physical assessment, and make sure to fully read the Resident Agreement of your chosen community.

When helping a loved one transition into assisted living, it’s important to choose a community that best suits their needs, both now and in the future. Consider what care they may need in the future, as finding a community where they can stay as long as possible and preventing multiple moves is best for everyone.

Make sure you and your loved one understand the services provided by the communities you’re considering, including the fees and responsibilities of all parties. Read the Resident Agreement of each community carefully for this information, and ask any additional questions you may have — write down your questions and take notes, too, to ensure you don't forget anything.

Additionally, ask your loved one’s primary care physician to complete a physical assessment form to help determine the level of care they need and submit the assessment to the community you’ve chosen.

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